Fiona Campbell

Fiona Campbell has been teaching business professionals how to use NLP tools and techniques to improve their leading, coaching and influencing skills since 2001.

She has been working internationally for over 30 years, and has been delivering Corporate Facilitation and Executive Coaching. She delivers the NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Business Master Practitioner and NLP Business Coach both in person and online.

Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture? 

I started my career in Air Traffic Control, moved into Hospitality and for many years worked  around Europe running clubs and bars. I then transitioned into Sales and had been working in Dubai as a Sales Managers for Xerox in the late 80’s when I got my big NLP ‘WOW’ moment. This is when I knew that I had stumbled on something special. My introduction to NLP was the catalyst to major life changes.

I moved back to the UK and immersed myself in learning as much as I could about the way the mind works. I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Business Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Licensed NLP Trainer and finally an NLP Business Coach Trainer.

In 2001 I set up my own company focusing on helping others learn to use NLP techniques, to help them become better Business  Leaders and Coaches. I developed a range of NLP based  Corporate Communication, Presentation and Coaching courses.

In 2005 I created my NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Business Master Practitioner and NLP Business Coach Programmes. I have been delivering these in the UK, UAE and India and since 2020, and I now deliver most of my training online. As we are living in a time of complete disruption, the need for business leaders to develop the mental agility that NLP skills provide, has never been greater.

Having spent years refining the use of NLP for business and coaching, it’s now my passion to train as many people as I can to use these amazing techniques to help others have more choices and lead the best life they can.

Tell us something about your organization. What is it about and how is it helpful for people?

I have two brands, The Professional Growth Company where I work with a team of highly experienced international facilitators, coaches and programme designer associates who are passionate about delivering the most advanced leadership and coaching concepts to professionally and personally grow your people to be the best they can be.

We work best with clients who believe in growing and developing their people. In today’s business world, leadership is the responsibility of everyone within an organization. To achieve this takes a specific mindset that only comes from consistent support from the top. Our programmes are interactive, creative, challenging and enjoyable.

I also have the NLP Business Circle and I am the founder of the NLP Business Circle Online Club which is for business professionals and coaches looking to improve their NLP (neuro linguistic programming skills)  Understanding this brand I deliver Certified NLP Business Practitioner and NLP Business Coach training as well as a range of live online and self-self learning NLP courses for improving communication skills 

In a couple of months I am launching the Business and Coaching NLP Podcast – The Art of Creating a Success Mindset is a high value podcast for ambitious entrepreneurs, business professionals and coaches looking to take control of creating their successful future.

My guests come from different backgrounds and cultures and share real-life experiences of how they overcome challenges and maintain focus for creating success. 

In each episode they share specific and useful strategies that can be immediately actioned for your work and life

As well as interviews, there are short powerful educational episodes to guide you step-by-step through specific NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques for improving your leading, coaching, communicating, motivating, and influencing skills for yourself and others.

My passion is showing how easily language and behavior skills can quickly get the best out of everyone you work with by helping them to feel valued, appreciated, listened to, understood, and encouraged.

I am also launching The Professional Growth Club as a low cost international membership site for entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to improve their communicating and influencing skills

What has been the response of the consumers towards your venture? 

My business has grown over the years through word of mouth. Up to 805 clients I work with were recommended to me by previous clients when very happy with my service. I have built an international reputation for making NLP for business and coaching simple to learn and apply

What change would you like to bring in the world if given an opportunity?

For everyone to be educated in the different mind techniques that help you remain resourceful and optimistic whatever the challenge.

Do you think empowering women and gender inclusiveness is an important concept? Please mention why.

Yes, however I worked in male dominated industries for years and I think it’s important for women to empower themselves when possible. My first job was with Air Traffic Control when only 35 in the UK were women. I also worked in the UAE in the 1980’s when I was given security clearance as Mr Fiona Campbell because there was no arrangement for a woman to enter. What I share this is because I look at people, not gender. Rather than saying I am a woman doing a good job I tend to say I am a person doing a good job.

How are you supporting women? If any, Please mention your initiative here.

Many of my coaching clients are women setting up in business. 

Would you like to give a motivational message to the budding women leaders or professionals?

Let people know what you are good at, be brave and speak out. Ask to be considered for a leadership position and volunteer to step up for projects. In my experience, too many women get overlooked for leadership positions because they talk about things they can’t do or are not sure about. Whereas many men just say yes they can do something then figure it out