Month: November 2021

Assisting Financial Institutions Comply With Regulatory Issues

Meet Diana Paredes, CEO, and Co-Founder of Suade Labs, a software company that produces technology aimed at the financial services industry to help comply with regulatory issues.    Diana Paredes launched Saude Labs in 2014, a software platform that enables financial institutions to understand and deliver their regulatory requirements. She is a firm believer that […]

Supporting Businesses and Individuals To Maximize Their Professional Potential

Meet Kim Cutler, Executive Coach and Founder of Storm McQueen, a professional training and coaching organization that delivers bespoke professional coaching to executives, leaders, and teams.  From trying out different careers, working in the corporate industry, to finally finding her true calling in executive coaching, Kim Cutler has come a long way. She started out […]

Helping People Solve Their Business Struggles Through Spiritual Guidance

Meet Ambila Nath, Entrepreneur and Business Owner at where she helps her clients get unstuck, get clarity, get clients and grow their business.  They say the heart wants what it wants, and Ambila Nath has always followed hers. She is an Indian woman, living in the UK, who left her 6 figure corporate job […]

Helping People Find Their Personal Genius Through Life Coaching

Meet Stephanie Rourke Jackson, Life and Leadership Coach at Beacon Coaching & Leadership where she helps clients develop a sense of true self and create a harmonious lifestyle. “It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s how you respond that marks your life.”  From working in fashion marketing to starting her entrepreneurial life as […]

Helping Organizations and Individuals Become More Engaged, Productive, and Happier

Meet Jill Maidment, Founder & Director at Natural Talent, a leading consulting firm providing Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Career and Outplacement Coaching, Leadership and Management Development, and performance improvement services to many top global organizations.  Reading a Coaching book while watching a sunset on a beach in Australia, Jill Maidment got the idea of becoming […]

Creating A Sustainable Skincare Brand With Recycled Coffee Grounds

Meet Hanieh Leva, Founder of Lola Scrubz, a natural coffee scrub line that uses recycled coffee and 100% natural ingredients.  Hanieh Leva is an entrepreneur, photographer, and visionary who is passionate about the environment. She is a healer, a nature and wellness enthusiast. She also believes in the freedom of art and expression and loves […]

This Business Coach is Helping Businesses Survive, Thrive, and Grow

Meet Tanya King, Business Coach at Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, a UK-based organization that aims to help businesses to survive, thrive & grow through a wide range of services.  As thrilling and exciting as starting a new business is, it is also daunting. It requires a lot of hard work, planning, time, and […]

Coaching Leaders to Achieve Their Full Potential and Make A Difference

Meet Claire Walton, Executive Coach, Leaders Are Making A Difference, a brand for leaders who want to achieve more performance success with less stress! It takes courage to leave a high-paying career and embark on the path of uncertainty, exploring something new. A former HR director, Claire Walton, did the same and is now an […]