Supporting Female Entrepreneurs In Creating A Business That Will Sustain The Life They Desire

Meet AnYes van Rhijn, Founder and CEO of The Reinvention Mentor. AnYes helps female entrepreneurs and business owners become emotionally and financially independent by creating a business that will sustain the life they desire. 

A.k.a. The Reinvention Mentor, AnYes van Rhijn finds the greatest joy in helping turn visions into reality. She assists professional women who feel trapped in their lives to redesign life and business on their own terms. AnYes first helps them create the vision of what they want their life to be. She then helps them build the confidence and the mindset to dare go after it. They then build a personal brand aligned with who they are and what is important to them. And, last but not least, they then implement the work-life balance, the self-care, the systems, and tools to ensure this is all sustainable. 

AnYes grew up in a Dutch family in France and has been strongly influenced by two drastically opposite cultures. As a professional, she is absolutely Dutch, not French, but as a woman, she is absolutely French, not Dutch. She successfully climbed the corporate ladder but constantly felt something was missing. At 45, when she took a coaching course, her development journey started, which finally led her to launch an Executive Coaching and Change Management business in 2008. 

As a 57-year-old running a successful business, one would think that life was perfect for AnYes. But that’s when she had a life-changing experience. She decided to leave a toxic relationship, despite knowing she’d lose everything in the process. She moved in with her sister for a year and resolved to reconsider her life and business choices. She made two major decisions during this time. One was that she no longer wanted to work with the corporate world, choosing instead to work exclusively with female entrepreneurs. The second was to rebuild her life from scratch by moving to the UK from France. That is how, over 6 years ago, without any form of income or savings, she arrived in London with just two suitcases. She now runs two successful businesses, and the rest is history, as they say.

When she started her business, the challenges AnYes faced ranged from knowing what to focus on, having a scarcity mindset, knowing where to find help, and much more. Today, it is about people being afraid of investing in their business due to the uncertainty of the current pandemic era. 

The project she’s currently working on is creating an app that is a membership portal with a collective of 60+ experts in their field. They provide female entrepreneurs and small business owners with all the life and business skills and the community they need to be successful and fulfilled. The topics covered range from all aspects of Business to Health and Wellbeing, Healing, Communication, Female Health, Parenting, Relationships, Personal Development and everything within those themes.”

Talking about her work at she says: 

What drives me is my burning desire to help women dream bigger and dare more. I believe that all women should be emotionally and financially independent so that, no matter the circumstances, they always have the power of choice. In doing so, they will become role models for more women to do the same, and that is how we, women, will make this world a better place.” 

AnYes often receives testimonials from the clients whose lives she has impacted. She has also won the Successful Women In Business Reinvention Award in 2020. Signing off, AnYes leaves a bunch of messages for her readers. She says,

  1. “Don’t let anyone tell you your dream is impossible!
  2.  If you find that dreaming big is too scary, start by just dreaming bigger and dare more!
  3.  You are so much more powerful than you think you are!
  4. Self-awareness allows you to make conscious choices!
  5.  Not having a vision is like leaving home for a long journey and forgetting to enter an address in your GPS; you could land anywhere!
  6.  Don’t let others and circumstances define you.”