Helping Small Businesses and Start-ups With Their Accountancy and Consultancy Needs

Meet Diana Hurta, Founder, CEO, and Finance Director at DH Accounts & Business, an accountancy and business consultancy multilingual online company providing services to small businesses, including start-ups all over the UK and abroad.

It might look like you need an army to start a business, but in reality, you just need the right set of people by your side. Being that set s Diana Hurta and her team giving their best to helping entrepreneurs take their business off the ground. With her experience in accounting combined with her academic knowledge of business management and corporate finance, she started her online accountancy business.

It was all by an accident when she fell ill a few years ago. It allowed her to put things into perspective and realized that instead of looking for a job, she can create a business for herself and help out small businesses. It’s been five years since she put her idea into execution, and today she is a proud founder, CEO, and finance director at DH Accounts & Business Ltd. 

Talking about her business, she says, “DH Accounts & Business Ltd (DHAB) is an accountancy and business consultancy multilingual online company helping to start, run and grow a business in the UK. We provide services to start-ups, sole traders, and micro limited companies all over the UK. Our services are divided into four sections: business startup and registration; bookkeeping and accounting; payroll and return; business development.” Diana works with business owners and company directors who need help to start their businesses. She uses her own system and proven techniques, helping businesses to change the way they think, operate, and lead. 

Her hard work paid off, and she was able to build a successful business in just three years. Diana is overwhelmed by the positive feedback she receives from the clients. Not only that, she has been nominated as a finalist at the British Accountancy Awards four times in a row.

Hurta’s only challenge is regarding her health, which she is managing alongside her work. She chooses to fight every day and gives her best towards helping out small businesses. Her life has changed dramatically after starting this venture, and all in a good way. Starting a business can be daunting, even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs, so Diana acts as a helping hand they need. 

She shares useful resources and tools on her company website to help cover all the bases while starting their own business. Diana believes in creating opportunities rather than looking for one, and this is one quality that has helped her succeed in her professional career. She grows alongside the businesses she assists, is grateful for all opportunities, and makes the most of them.