Developing a Sales Growth Mindset Culture to Assist Sales Leaders and Teams Thrive

Meet Leigh Ashton, Founder, and CEO at The Sales Consultancy, a UK-based firm that uses proven methodologies to introduce and develop a Sales Growth Mindset within Salespeople and Leaders.

Leigh Ashton is a sales wizard, a speaker, trainer, coach, and author of isell, a book setting sales professionals on the path to success by adding practical mindset strategies to conventional sales skills. 26 years ago, she founded The Sales Consultancy, where she works with sales leaders and teams to develop a “Sales Growth Mindset Culture,” so they meet and exceed targets. Their programs develop sales teams and leaders to think more healthily and effectively which leads to higher performance, fulfilment, and success

Growing up in East London as the eldest daughter of Italian immigrants, her childhood was filled with happy memories from her hard-working parents. Her parents embedded a desire in her to do her best and strive to keep learning and growing. 

So, how did she end up in her current role? Ashton had a very successful career in sales, which led to her early promotion to sales manager. Taking on the new role, she realized how leading and developing a team can be a challenge for the leaders. “I decided I needed to step up my skills and focused on my leadership development, which led me down the path of psychology. I learned that what goes on inside a person’s head has the biggest impact on the success they can achieve. Once you have been trained in the required sales skills, it is the mindset that ensures you apply and develop what you have learned so that you can grow, thrive and succeed,” she says. Her challenges led her to lay the foundation of a venture through which she has been able to help managers develop the right set of skills required to keep their sales team motivated and succeeding

It took years of trial and error, practice, and rigorous testing of leadership approaches before she finally figured it out. Ashton found out why some sales teams succeed while others don’t and why some leaders flourish while others stagnate. She has helped hundreds of teams exceed their targets and leaders to overcome the challenges on the way. Their programs focus on mindset and personal development to bring out the very best in people. Their clientele includes NatWest, Harrods, Wright Medical, AVEVA, Motorpoint, British Airways, and many more. 

Today, it is all about keeping abreast of the fast-evolving research in areas of psychology, neuroscience, and mindset development. She focuses on creating engaging programs that are effective at successfully delivering clients their desired results. Ashton knows that sales-led organizations are always looking for ways to increase their sales and explore new ways of thinking. Once they realize that growth mindset development is the crucial missing element, they are keen to develop it in their sales teams. “Organisations that are ready to create a sales growth mindset culture will always outperform those that stick with old school methodologies,” she says.

Leigh is happy and fulfilled doing what she loves and making a difference in the world. Her mission is to help create happy and healthy sales growth mindset cultures that deliver results. She is keen to work with organizations that are aligned with this more sustainable approach to growing their sales revenue. Leaving an inspiring message for her readers, she says, “You have so much more potential than you think you have. There is only one like you on this planet, and you are here for a very specific reason. Allow your journey to unfold at a pace that suits you. Keep learning, implementing, and moving towards the work that brings you joy.