Month: December 2020

She Helps Families In Securing The Future Of Their Children

Meet Jessica Barker- Program Director at Healthy Families, a program that provides resources and intensive in-home support for eligible parents in Benton and Linn Counties. Passionate about the use of public health programming to build and sustain health equity within communities, Jessica has an undergraduate degree in Community Health Science and a Master of Public […]

Sometimes, It’s Better To Be Outside Rather Than Being On The Inside!

Meet Joy Ellsworth- a Social Entrepreneur & Founder at Clement Waters, a non-profit organization that helps people to become better stewards of gifts that are naturally available to all of humanity. Joy had always catalyzed the expression of harmony and achievement between other people. As a result, she first found an organization called ‘My Heart […]

Helping People Realize the Freedom of Speech Through her Podcasting Studio

Meet Jennifer Ho, the Founder and CEO of Hangar Studios, a podcast production company that propagates the value of free speech. A mom to her five kids, Jennifer decided to join the ranks of podcast early adopters in 2009 to open Hangar Studios, the first ‘woman-of-color’ owned podcast production company in the US. She took […]

She Is Giving Women Of Today The Wings To Fly

Meet Alison Lamagna- an experienced nonprofit leader, currently working as the Director of Programs & Gender Equity at Vermont Works for Women.  Working to advance the economic independence of women in Vermont, Alison has worked in various spheres throughout her career, each with a focus on social justice and advocacy for marginalized groups- ensuring that […]

A Platform For Entrepreneurs To Share Their Journey & Inspiration!

Meet Tricia Scott- the CEO, founder & editor of The Female CEO, a platform for entrepreneurs to come together for inspiration, connection empowerment and support. Apart from being a Certified BARE Coach (the only one in the UK!) and running a community of extraordinary entrepreneurs who come together to support, inspire, empower and connect with […]

This Clinical Therapist is Helping Others Battle Mental Illnesses While Staying Optimistic About Life

Meet Latoya A. Delmadge, a Clinical Therapist, a published author, and the proud business owner of Mindful Proverbs Consultation PLLC. A clinical therapist with experience in treating individuals, couples, and families, Latoya specializes in Mindfulness-based practice that uses a spiritual, existential, and psychodynamic approach to treatment. She is a Clinical Director and the author of […]

Reporting Essence in the Times of Virality and Fake TRPs

Meet Nivi Shrivastava, a seasoned lifestyle journalist, digital creator, and founder of, an online platform where young writers and brands get to tell their real stories.   Don’t complain, don’t explain — keep working and the real story will be out soon. Spoken like a true journalist, Nivi Shrivastava swears by these words not only […]

This Leader and Guide Spread Hope by Recuperating People in Need

Meet Sandra Maple-Deaver, a recuperative care director who works with the homeless, and people with addiction to restore them to a life of dignity. A compassionate human and a Navy Veteran, Sandra is a 46-year-old woman with children. She has recently celebrated seven years of sobriety from addiction. According to Sandra, coming to the mission […]

Adding The Fragrance Of Love & Care In Everyone’s Lives Wherever She Goes

Meet Laura McCann- the Chief Mood Booster & CEO at Adoratherapy, a company that produces vegan and cruelty-free essential oil fragrances. As she identifies herself as a Right and Left brain entrepreneur with a passion for business and creativity- having spent her career in fashion, technology, and product development- Laura fondly calls herself as ‘life […]

Providing A Safe Space To Those Who Battle With Life and Rehab

Meet Kelsey Hastings- the founder and CEO of Advantage Living Centers, a healing and rehabilitation chain across the United States. Dedicating your life for someone else’s well-being isn’t easy- it requires courage of the greatest kind. From being a registered nurse, a licensed nursing home administrator and ordained minister, Kelsey has served humanity almost all […]

Helping Couples & Families Lead A Better Life By Bridging Every Gap

Meet Jennifer Lehr- an author, a marriage & family therapist & the founder of WeConcile, an online DIY relationship restoration program for couples. Sometimes, life takes you through situations that either make or break you and Jennifer’s was no less. Since childhood, she bore the wrath of her parents’ marital problems. Even though her father […]

Stress Shouldn’t Hamper Your Life & She Makes Sure Of It

Meet Wendy Jordanov- a psychologist and CEO at, a brand synonymous with wellness products. Sometimes, an idea can change your life. Better still, if it comes out at your kitchen table! Wendy’s life changed when one fine day, a conversation during mealtime eventually turned in to a multinational business- making her an entrepreneur with […]

Her Non- Profit is Delivering Elevated Content for People of All Ages

Meet Mary Brotherton – the co-founder and president of the nonprofit bUneke, the editor in chief of bUneke Magazine, and the director of bUneke Radio. Mary is a lot of things – a manager, an administrator, an editor, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a cat companion, and a writer. She manages three distinctly different […]

Her Talented Eye in Photography Made Her Favourite Among Professionals

Meet Michelle Kaffko- a photographer and the founder of Organic Headshots, a photography studio based in Chicago, in the U.S.    It is indeed true that your passion for something can take you to new horizons. After leaving a career in marketing to explore filmmaking and photography, Michelle started a photo studio that specialises in […]

This Nurse helped Locals Find Better Employment Options at a Coffee Estate

Meet Allison Thweatt Brown- a Nursing Medical Director & the founder of Mission Lazarus, an initiative that provides employment to the less privileged.  Allison is a nurse who believes that holistic healing is best aimed at communities and families and includes the discovery and subversion of the root causes of all types of malady. To […]

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Helping People Improve Their Money Management In An Interactive Way

Meet Olga Kirshenbaum- Money Coach & Owner of Rags to Riches Consulting that coaches individuals and couples to help them realign their money-habits with their money-goals.  As a Money Coach, Olga empowers creative people to get comfortable with money. She hosts a podcast called ‘9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom’, where she talks to these creative […]

Learn the Art of Following Your Passion from this Successful Entrepreneur

Meet Dr. Kristy Lamb, a physician and the founder of BOLD Health. She is also a professional psychiatrist who followed her passion to serve the community against all odds.   “Leap, and the net will appear”. These are the words that changed the life of Dr. Kristy Lamb. According to her “once you follow your passion, […]

Her Pictures Speak Louder Than Her Words

Meet Marnie Clagett- an experienced Photographer and the Owner of Clagett Photography, a studio based in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Marnie happily operates a photography studio known as Clagett Photography in a building that she and her husband have renovated in their city’s historic downtown neighborhood. This very studio provides the sole income for their family of […]

Introducing A Sport That Teaches You Life’s Most Important Lessons

Meet Monica Rosen- Founder, CEO & CFO at Sabakiball International, a competitive sport meant for multiple skill levels. Working with a small business since she was merely 16 years old, Monica started her first non-profit organization when she was just 18 years old. Today with more than 20 years of athletic experience working with children […]

This Woman has been Educating People to Transform the Way they Deal with PCOS

Meet Megan M Pearson, the Founder and Executive Director of ‘PCOS Awareness Association’, a nonprofit that is dedicated to bring a change in the lives of people with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. With a mission to revolutionize the way people approach education surrounding PCOS awareness, Megan’s non-profit, ‘PCOS Awareness Association’, is built on the five pillars […]