This Clinical Therapist is Helping Others Battle Mental Illnesses While Staying Optimistic About Life

Meet Latoya A. Delmadge, a Clinical Therapist, a published author, and the proud business owner of Mindful Proverbs Consultation PLLC.

A clinical therapist with experience in treating individuals, couples, and families, Latoya specializes in Mindfulness-based practice that uses a spiritual, existential, and psychodynamic approach to treatment. She is a Clinical Director and the author of the book “31 Days of Mindful Practices; Healing Words for the Soul.” As an individual with a past failure narrative, Latoya believes that she has reshaped her thinking for success. She is also passionate about supporting others on the journey of changing negative thought patterns, and this is what defines her personality.

As a child, Latoya had a very rough time in school. She knew that she could do well, but did not have any motivation and self-esteem. The problem didn’t go away in her teenage years, where she did not believe in herself and thought that she would sabotage everything that would come her way. As a result, she struggled to graduate from middle school and even high school. Elaborating her experiences of those times, she says, “Before I started to experience success and achievement in life, I always thought of myself as a failure. I just waited to experience yet another failure.” It is only when she gave her life and soul to the Lord that she began to believe that there can be another narrative for her life. She hasn’t looked back since then!

Latoya believes that the meaning of failure has changed for her now. She says, “Because of my new way of thinking, I began to create visions in my mind of things that I wanted to do. I confidently went after those visions, never thinking that they were impossible for me to achieve. I always think that if God says I can do it, I am going to do it.

When Latoya decided to establish her business, she knew that she had to follow a discipline that would work. She applied the approaches of positive thinking, being well-organized and solution-focused, and believing in God to accomplish her goal. Following this self-made path with determination, Latoya was able to own her practice and publish a book in less than a year. Working as the Clinical Director for an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic in Brooklyn, NY, Latoya offers psychiatric and psychosocial assessment and diagnosis, psychopharmacology, and individual, group, and family counseling. Her private practice, Mindful Proverbs Consultation, offers spiritual counseling to individuals, couples, and families. She elaborates, “I treat all types of mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, grief, personality disorders, and trauma. People are able to move towards their desired change through the mental health treatment that I provide, and that is my biggest achievement”. 

Latoya experienced a lot of challenges and major life transitions when she started her career as a therapist. One of the most sweet and difficult challenges was that of motherhood. She says, “During my last year in school, I became pregnant with my first child and struggled with thoughts of dropping out. But with the help of my God, a strong support system and a strong mindset, I was able to complete my master’s degree with high honors.” 

Latoya has fought it all and is a sought-after Clinician today. All of her present clients are referrals from her previous clients, which is a testimony to her excellent services and the benefits people get from her sessions. She was also recognized in the Long Island Herald for the services she provided to individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing creative ways, such as virtual therapy, to continue treatment amidst the shutdown.

Latoya believes that her life became fulfilling when she changed her thoughts about life; she is walking in purpose rather than in a defeated state of mind. She is more confident in her ability to succeed than she ever was and never allows the thoughts of failure to hold her back from converting her dreams into reality. She wants to pass on a message to everyone who has a dream but is scared of pursuing it – “Your mind is the catalyst to your dreams becoming your reality. Everything that you set your mind to is within reach. Expand your mindset and experience an expansion in your life”.