Learn the Art of Following Your Passion from this Successful Entrepreneur

Meet Dr. Kristy Lamb, a physician and the founder of BOLD Health. She is also a professional psychiatrist who followed her passion to serve the community against all odds.  

Leap, and the net will appear”. These are the words that changed the life of Dr. Kristy Lamb. According to her “once you follow your passion, the path will represent itself”. In a time when the stigma around mental health is slowly starting to fade, but still needs a lot of work, Kristy Lamb created a ‘sacred space’ called the Bold Health in 2017. It is a physical and mental place where each individual feels safe and emotionally supported to achieve their wellness goals. 

She is a physician, entrepreneur, wife, and a devoted mother. She is board certified in Family medicine and Psychiatry from UC San Diego. Dr. Lamb has had deeper training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and firmly believes that psychotherapy is an integral part of personal transformation and healing.

Kristy grew up in the Deep South and was brought up by her New Yorker parents. This gave her a chance to understand different perspectives and sparked her interest in human psychology. It gave her an insight into how people think and what causes them to behave in a certain way. Her parents taught her that if she was clear about her goals, and worked hard enough for them, she would be successful in anything. Because of this, she never doubted her capacity and once she was clear, she followed her passion. As a result, Dr. Lamb was able to create a business that has her now living the life and working in the career of her dreams.  

It was during her medical school at Georgetown University that she discovered the inseparable connection between mind and body. Then she realized that to fully treat her patients she needs to understand not only their physical needs but also their emotional, social, and spiritual needs. 

She wanted to ignite a change in the community and work for the welfare of the individuals struggling with mental illnesses. She concluded the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual are intertwined with each other. She wanted to change the way mental health was perceived and the approach towards it.

Owing to her passion for mental health and the desire to serve, Kristy worked in community clinics, home shelters, and even prisons. She worked at a women’s shelter that houses the victims of domestic violence as a health educator. Kristy also participated in the setup of a free clinic in the town of Quesada in Costa Rica. 

Although she was confident in her abilities in psychotherapy, she had no prior experience as an entrepreneur or a businesswoman. She had to learn a lot and find good mentors who could guide her. But she sailed her way through it despite all the obstacles. Kristy connected with like-minded clinicians to provide excellent medical care psychiatric medication management, psychotherapy, family and couples therapy, and group therapy. They also offer intensive outpatient treatment for mental health and addiction.

Now, as the venture is growing, the only challenge which Dr. Lamb faces is navigating the intentional growth and not taking on too much at a time. She is thrilled with the customer response and is happy that she could do her bit to benefit the community. People now refer their family and friends to BOLD Health, who wish to turn their lives around as well. 

Kristy believes in learning from her mistakes. She says that all the wrong decisions she took taught her the exact lesson she needed to learn in order to surpass the current plateau. She agrees that being an entrepreneur can be daunting. “It is a long lonely road, but if you believe in your mission, all you have to do is keep moving forward and be open to the different opportunities that present themselves”.