A Platform For Entrepreneurs To Share Their Journey & Inspiration!

Meet Tricia Scott- the CEO, founder & editor of The Female CEO, a platform for entrepreneurs to come together for inspiration, connection empowerment and support.

Apart from being a Certified BARE Coach (the only one in the UK!) and running a community of extraordinary entrepreneurs who come together to support, inspire, empower and connect with each other, Tricia is also a speaker, author, mentor and eternal entrepreneur. Over the years, she has designed and produced around 20 entrepreneurial magazines and has worked with people and organizations from all walks of life.

Between her previous role as a business coach and climbing the corporate ladder from Data Input Assistant to Company Director in one of the largest Estate Agencies in her city, she has managed to pull off more than a bit about balance and the power of the collective. Working towards the inclusion, success and empowerment of others is always something she has held close to her core even after carrying a deep-rooted (somewhat rebellious) nature at heart.

Growing up, she gravitated to those who were exciting and different for one reason or another. As soon as she was able to leave the confines of her school days behind, she was quickly and easily swept into the corporate world, climbing every ladder of every job she was ever presented with- never happy to stand still, always looking to further her position, looking for opportunities to learn and to do more. “My free time was spent with people who preferred to stay on the outside of the norm, with different ideas and inspirations. My mantra was always (and still is), ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Some of the most beautiful and exciting souls I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with were the friendships I developed at this time, and I’m proud to say they continue to this very day,” she says.

Forever passionate about career progression, she started work in a field she had absolutely no idea about at the age of 21. Soon after, she found herself thrown in at the deep end of the situation and it was a sink or swim kind of scenario for her. Determinedly but somewhat stubbornly, she accepted the challenge head-on and ten years of hard work later, she was appointed to the board of one of the most prestigious property companies in her area. It was then that she started to address the not so little voice she had been tapping away at her subconscious for as many years as she can remember. 

Talking about her initiatives, she says, “Over the years, like many women, I’d faced my own personal hurdles, family tragedy, divorce and debt, naming just a few, and when eventually I paused and looked around, I realised that I wasn’t alone. Women everywhere were stalled, scared and hiding under layer upon layer of life experience. I started to get to work with small groups of women at first, creating topics to start or further their businesses, focusing on the inner work as well as the outer. Confidence, support, empowerment, focus and passion became the foundation of our work leading to more prominent groups, large scale speaking engagements and eventually, it led to the birth of The Female CEO & Create Evolve Overcome magazine.

The Female CEO – Create Evolve Overcome is a community of extraordinary entrepreneurs coming together in support, inspiration, connection and empowerment designed wholly to help you to grow internally and outwardly by focusing on all aspects of professional and personal growth and development. With 13 voices across six countries, they have got you covered from a startup to a CEO. It also offers support and guidance through various forms including regular specific training, an inspirational community-based Facebook page, interviews and coffee break catch-ups with passionate people from across the world and a non-work space dedicated to all things gorgeous such as fashion, confidence, spiritual well being, physical wellbeing, meditation and personal development. 

Talking about her journey, Tricia says, “When I started the business, I was still working full-time. The balance was tough to master, it required long hours, often recording interviews late into the night and writing early in the morning. I am happy to say the lessons I learned back then have allowed me to make much better decisions this time around.

According to her, creating The Female CEO has changed her life in every positive way imaginable. It has completely altered her career path, helped her to forge worldwide friendships and allowed her to fully express herself creatively in a way the corporate world just didn’t allow for- “Never give up, there isn’t anything you cannot do if you put your mind to it. No matter the circumstances, there is always a way!” she says.