This Pharmacist-Turned Beauty Blogger is Promoting Brands She Truly Believes In

Meet Dr. Sundas Sajid, a Pakistan-based pharmacist, freelance content writer, blogger, and a proud mom, who is doing an excellent job balancing her profession and passion.

Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”- Confucius

These words perfectly describe Dr. Sundas Sajid’s career move. A pharmacist by profession, Dr. Sundas found her passion in make-up and beauty blogging. To her, makeup is no less than an art form. It is a means to express creativity and capture the vision of the artist. Owing to this passion, in 2015, Dr. Sundas started her Instagram page where she creates new makeup looks, product reviews and shares them with her followers. Her experience in content writing pushed her to start a blog where she writes about makeup, parenting, beauty, lifestyle, and everything in between. Meanwhile, she also completed her doctorate in pharmacy from Riphah International University in 2017.

In the new era of digitalization, social media platforms like Instagram have evolved into more than just a way to showcase your talent. It has allowed us to pursue our talents and passion professionally, and this is exactly what Dr. Sundas is doing. Being a stay-at-home mum, social media and blogging has provided her with a platform to follow her dreams without having to compromise on the care of her kids. As women, we are often burdened with responsibilities that can act as a hindrance in the way of our ambitions, but Dr. Sundas begs to differ. Women can actually have it all.

When asked about what has led to her success, she says, “Changing the direction and niche of my blog with time.” With the changing digital landscape, it is imperative to understand when to pivot and move in a direction that will be favorable in the long run. Dr. Sajid follows a lot of local and international bloggers and keeps an eye on the ever-changing trends. This allows her to keep up with them and make changes in her strategies as and when required.

Recently, a skincare brand in Pakistan reached out to her for a collaboration. Having people who trust her advice on makeup-related topics fills her with excitement. It hasn’t been an easy journey, and like most of us, there are days when she feels demotivated. To prevent it from affecting her work, Dr. Sajid takes a quick break to rejuvenate herself. It makes her feel inspired to come back prepared and motivated.

Being an influencer comes with its own perks and downsides. Most of all, they have to deal with hate comments and people who try to discredit them by claiming it isn’t a real job. But this is not true. When it comes to dealing with criticism, Dr. Sundas never takes it personally and always approaches it in a constructive manner. It enables her to make positive changes in her task. She feels that as influencers, people should promote brands that they genuinely believe in. Leaving a message for the readers and potential influencers in this regard, she says, “Don’t take it as quick money or PR grab. Follow the niche which you know about!