Invoking the Feminine to Restore the Balance of the World is Her Aim

Meet Lori Wallace, the CEO and Founder of igMedical, a direct search firm serving the medical community of California. 

Embracing career change as a gateway to wholeness, Lori’s focus as a recruiter has always been on transforming job search from headhunting to human connection. She is a depth mentor and the Founder and CEO of igMedical, and now, she believes that the time has come to take transformative job search to the center of wellness, i.e., into the space of authentic relating and personal empowerment. She says, “When each person is free to bring their gifts, then the world harmonizes.”

Lori was born in the middle of the ’60s and says that the era is seared into her soul. She has always been very sensitive and eager to protect the vulnerable. Growing up with a full-blown narcissist in her life, Lori had to shake off enablement and become her own woman. She elaborates, “I have many crises to thank for cracking me open. I now feel ready to help with the great turning away from toxic patriarchy and towards radical inclusivity.

According to Lori, the first half of her life was like a phase of unconsciousness – she was just trying to be a good person, a good wife, and a good employee. When she hit 36 and birthed her son on the day the Twin Towers fell, her life fell apart. She explains, “That was the beginning of my rebirth; the beginning of me taking ownership of my life and my impact on others. I left big banking and told my husband that I wanted to practice radical kindness.” This decision led her to recruiting and then to start her agency. Like most other businesses, recruiting was molded by men, for men. When Lori realized that the time to insert feminine values into home, business, politics, and other fields had come, her agency took headhunting and transformed it. This led to the inception of Change Eco – a journey for shedding negative social conditioning to reveal one’s true authentic self.

Lori’s belief that “mind intelligence bows to heart intelligence” has empowered her full becoming and that of others she mentors. She guides people to that scene in Interstellar when Doctor Brand tells her male cosmonauts that love is the 6th dimension. Elaborating the idea, Lori says, “Love is what guides human-survival and vibrancy in the universe. It is our compass; our only way to live a fully authentic life. In my teachings, I bring it down to everyday life, like interviewing. I teach that interviewing is not an exercise in competition and performance. Rather, it is a practice of connection and presence. And all of that originates in the heart.

Lori’s Change Eco is deep mentoring inspired by nature and feminine-based wisdom. She guides people on a 12-week journey along with a rite of passage, from truth to belonging. By the end of the journey, people have learned about antagonistic mentoring, the value of stillness and feeling lost, heart intelligence and where one’s passions intersect with the needs of the world, how to communicate authentically without triggering defensiveness, the importance of diversity, and belonging in a chaotic and distracting world. She believes that this experience is heart and soul arousing for all her clients who rank the experience as transformative. However, with the journey completed, they often withdraw. Talking about this, Lori says, “They need daily heart arousal, so I am in the process of developing a pilot membership that is experiential and feeds this need for nourishment every day.

Lori has faced numerous challenges along the way, especially because she is the primary breadwinner of the household. When her husband quit his job, he tried to control the way she was shaping her company. That was a tough phase for Lori as she had to grow in her strength and assert herself as the boss as she had the instincts and the calling of the feminine within her. Today, he supports her process and is an asset!