Making An Impact Through Storytelling

Meet Kanika Chadda-Gupta, a wife and mother of three (including twins),  entrepreneur (Founder/CEO, Kronologie Agency), journalist, and podcaster (Host, “That’s Total Mom Sense”). The common denominator in her work is storytelling, which she believes fosters human connection and has a direct impact on society. 

A former television anchor and executive producer for global networks including CNN and Zee TV, Kanika is a born storyteller who has covered the gamut of news stories from the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks to Slumdog Millionaire’s epic win at the Oscars and has interviewed celebrity change makers like Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen, and Lilly Singh. 

Leading her firm, Kronologie Agency, Kanika builds the online presence of her clients in a “kronological” way resulting in increased traffic, audience growth and engagement, and the bottom line – conversions. “Every brand has a story. It’s important to convey that to consumers in a compelling way, through logo design, web design, photo, video, and editorial content. When a brand’s online footprint is cohesive and compelling, only then can it make a lasting impression.” The firm works with an array of clients across industries including real estate, legal, food and beverage, and lifestyle.

A consummate media professional, Kanika has managed to parlay her passion for storytelling across television, digital media, and now podcasting. She hosts the top-rated podcast “That’s Total Mom Sense,” which has garnered a cult-following of mothers and professional women across the globe. What is mom sense? “It’s a parent’s own sixth sense – their superpower of intuition when it comes to their kids.”

Kanika explains, “I was thrown into motherhood when I had my three kids [twins + 1] within a year and a half. It was sink or swim. I began listening to parenting podcasts to find answers to my daily challenges, but found the space was bereft of a show that was engaging, informative, and inclusive and gave me tangible takeaways from experts. It was then that my idea for “That’s Total Mom Sense was born. On my show, I invite world renowned thought leaders, bestselling authors, and trailblazing entrepreneurs share their remarkable “mom sense” (and dad sense!) experiences and dig deep on topics like what to expect when you’re done expecting, how to rediscover your identity after kids, teaching your child to meditate, making your marriage last, and mastering your 5-minute makeup routine.

Since she aired in 2019, she has had prominent guests including Bobbi Brown, Natalie Morales, Rebecca Minkoff, Reshma Saujani, Raegan Moya-Jones, Shani Darden and Eve Rodsky on her show. Her community is her driving force as she aims to leave moms feeling inspired, empowered, and motivated while going about their busy lives, and help parents to problem solve through each phase of child-rearing. With the influx of podcasts (1.75 million podcasts and 43 million episodes produced as of January 2021), she acknowledges this democratization of media has provided content creators with an incredible amount of autonomy. She elaborates, “I can now produce content on my terms. I no longer have to commute to a studio or rely on a team of videographers and editors anymore. I conduct interviews with my high profile guests from the comfort of my home office – something that I’ve been doing well before Covid-19!” To boot, her show has global reach being available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and GoodPods. “I have the privilege of reaching millions of listeners and am grateful to be able to share my motherhood journey and highlight the stories of leaders we respect and admire.

Kanika has been called a “Modern Renaissance Woman” by Talking about her life story, Kanika says, “After being crowned Miss India East Coast at a national pageant, I was given the opportunity to host my own show on Darshan TV, a local South Asian television network. I realized that I had a knack for interviewing (especially LIVE), which led to my first hosting gig at Darshan TV in my hometown of Washington DC. I later pursued my Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism and moved to India where I was hired by CNN. It was a privilege to have the network as my launchpad and I appreciate the opportunity I had to return to my cultural roots.”

Kanika says that her journey to success was not an easy one. While her initial challenges were centered around being in traditional media and making a pivot to the digital arena, her recent challenge is managing her role as a mother of three kids (including twins). She says, “I believe God gives you what you can handle. And of all the things I am proud of in my life,  I  am most honored to be a mother to my three kids. They chose me and are helping me grow to be a better human being every day.

All of Kanika’s endeavors have been accepted with open hands and hearts. She has become a role model for many through her work in storytelling, and she inspires everyone around her. Kanika’s key to success is, “Live your life so that you are revered when you are gone. Be kind, stay humble, help others, and make an impact in this world.

Learn more about Kanika on her website (, subscribe to her podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and follow her journey on Instagram @kanikachadddagupta.