Barke Faraj Kamuss

Barke Faraj Kamuss consults with communities, organizations, Charities, NGOs, and education sectors in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, the USA, and Africa. She empowers young people, adults & entrepreneurs in achieving leadership skills.

Barke, a motivational speaker, coach, mentor, and author, has an impressive technique (Mindset, Relationship with Self, & Goal Setting) that transforms young people, adults & entrepreneurs into influential leaders by boosting their confidence.

‘’Barke BeYourOwnHero’’ Programme offers groups and 1-1 coaching and mentoring.

Barke was an ambassador with Humans First club and is featured as a co-author in the first edition book and also hosted a variety of shows on social media and featured in television, podcast, and radio show. She aims to help women and youths and entrepreneurs who are suffering by sharing awareness and support. 

She also collaborates with different leaders to support and build connections. She regularly interviews other leaders at Soul Purpose Leader Platform. She hosted weekly self-development and co-hosted Kamara Youths Saving Our Next Generation monthly events with other leaders.

Barke believes that everyone can choose to live life on their own terms and be their own hero.

Tell us about your life before the venture/leading up to your venture?

My exceptional experience has been childhood abuse, arranged marriage, emotional abuse (living with a Narcissist), faith, financial hardship, single parent and became my own hero through personal development and personal growth. I have delivered an award-winning presentation and best seller biography book that helped young people and adults become the pillars of the communities. I’d like to call myself a humble person and lead by example through empowering, inspiring and being an authentic self. My purpose and approach impact the people’s lives and global audience.

Tell us something about your organization. What is it about and how is it helpful for people?

I focus on Mindset, Relationship with Yourself & Goal Setting.

The programme that we conduct has different goals:

Part 1: Mindset:

Our programme is made to interact with the clients by stimulating the mind through cognition, verbal, and non-verbal communication processes to ensure success and maintain this healthier way of learning in the long-term. We will be using methods and models such as positive psychology, growth mindset, SMART model and personality methods.

Part 2: Relationship with self:

Our programme is designed to pinpoint triggers such as emotions (anxiety and stress), thoughts, actions, and behaviors in finding ways that will work for them by working as individuals and then presenting to the rest of the group as a way of owning up to their growth.

Part 3: Goal Setting:

Setting our clients for life by identifying what goal setting or planning does to their mind and behavior, exploring and reflecting on their individual experiences, what worked, and what did not and implementing new ways to ensure success and share each stage with the group.

This programme is designed for group mentoring and individual. Working as a group, three stages follow when participating in the session:

  • stage 1, Individual Activities
  • stage 2, Sub-group activities
  • stage 3, Presenting to everyone

Three main parts are vital in a young people, adults and entrepreneur’s daily lives. To enable our clients to understand how to manage their minds and enjoy happier and healthier lives. To equip our clients by exploring who they are as an individual and reflecting daily on their personal journals to keep track of their growth.


We know that all participants are different, so this programme is created as interactive and simplified to ensure every stage is handled with care and only shared with the rest of the group when the individual is comfortable and safe.

Our focus is evidence-based- (evaluation forms and success stories).

What has been the response of the consumers towards your venture?

A few of the many consumer responses are:

The best result I had was believing in myself and connecting within me in achieving success in my business” – Ms. Mohammed

The workshop was very good, positivite, encouraging and achieving results already.” – Poplar Jobcentre

It was such a pleasure to join Barke on her podcast. She brings such positive energy and joy to each interaction we have. Barke is wonderful at connecting with her guests before we go live, creating an inviting space for the conversation we are about to have. During the conversation, she celebrates who you are and invites you to share your story so that the listeners can understand who you are, what inspired you to do the work you now do and why this is important to you. Barke will make your bright day even brighter with her warm, joyful presence and makes you feel truly seen as you share the story behind the person, so the listeners can then see elements of her guest’s story in themselves creating connection.

Barke is introducing so many heart-led humans doing wonderful things in this world with her BeYourOwnHero brand. What an inspiring way to uplift humanity, open hearts and amplify impact! I celebrate you, Barke and the impact you are having on so many globally!” – Brian Kelly

How has your life changed because of your venture?

I have gained more than I expected after I decided to be happy and live life on my terms. I started by setting myself free from people who were not good for me, which led me to ask for a divorce and be independent. Build my belief system by relearning what I was taught to what I want to be now. Working on my self-development and practice daily. Gain better friends and collaborate with similar vision. I have freedom, a calm home, and growing personally and professionally whilst helping others.

Give a motivational message for the audience/women who are reading this.

No one is going to set you free in this world unless you become your own hero and face it and what I know now is that you do not have to do it alone, that is why people like myself are here to support you in your journey.” – Barke Faraj Kamuss