Making Every Event Memorable With Her Impeccable Sense of Style & Aesthetics

Meet Ivory Morgan-Burton, the founder & CEO of Storybook Events, a globally recognized event planning company for social & corporate events.

As she calls herself a ‘Wishmaster’ who makes dreams and wishes of people come true, Ivory makes sure to take care of all the details that can take up valuable time for people to arrange an event and brings it to life. As she currently resides with her husband Benjamin Burton in Norfolk, Virginia, she makes it a point to help other women succeed in business and in life by sharing her own journey. Before starting her own venture, she had the experience of working as a florist and a decor specialist with corporations that wanted to add floral materials and orders to their companies when they didn’t have any other florist during holidays and when their business needed extra help.

However, the gifted woman didn’t want to limit herself to just decorating for the corporates- which led her to go ahead with Storybook Events– an eco-friendly and internationally-recognized social and corporate event planning company with expertise in luxury weddings themed events, and customised floral design. It also has a subsidiary called ‘A Fulfilled Wish’, which offers wedding officiants to marry couples. 

Apart from this, Ivory also plays the roles of a pastor, a mentor, and a counselor for those in need. She founded ‘Holiness To The Lord Ministries’, a 501(c)(3) charity in 1990, that supports and specializes in the area of domestic and sexual abuse. A giver in the truest sense, she never expects anything in return, seeing everything she receives as a gift, giving a percentage of all the proceeds into charity. She has even done free weddings when a client is not able to afford her services, which proves this. 

Talking about her initiative, she says, “Storybook Events has a dedicated team of professionals who believe your event is a story of expression. With every detail being seen, our exclusive and discreet party planning service allows you to sit back and relax. We take of your vision and bring it to life, taking care of all the details that can take up so much of your valuable time.

Today, she is renowned as someone who has a fertile and unique imagination with extraordinary creative ability. Also a founding member of BrideLux, she is globally recognised by a number of platforms and people who have been a witness of her sheer hard work. Her commitment towards ensuring that any event she organises turns memorable for her clients makes Storybook Events one of the leading luxury private party and corporate events management companies in the United States, with clients across the world. 

Even though every client of hers finds her and the efforts of her team as ‘great’, she still remains concerned that she can do better. “To encourage myself, I always go back at those events (not physically though!) that are still being remembered and this makes me immensely happy. This in turn also motivates others around me to do better for the planet as a whole,” she says. Her professionalism and excellent track record in seamless event execution and unmatched customer service make her company the premiere go-to event design company that tells the story of each individual in their own special way.

As she looks back and contemplates over all these years of sheer hard work, she believes that she has built her own world of support, kindness, giving and caring- which she fondly calls ‘A City Within The City’. For her, short-cuts have been a big ‘NO’. The only mantra that has helped her is: ‘When too much isn’t enough, add more’, something that indeed helped her in surprising her clients with talent and efforts. 

Never stop the pursuit of your dream. Keep up with your vision by staying focused and please know that it takes time. Also, you need to stop asking others what they think about you. No one can tell you about your dream, it is unique to you. Just focus on building relationships and business will definitely come to you!” she says as she addresses the entrepreneurs of today.