Once it’s Within your Conscious Range, it’s Within Your Ability to Consciously Change

Meet Dr Laura Graye- a visionary scientist and medical intuitive researching vibrational healing in Boston, Massachusetts.

Utilizing her powerful intuitive capabilities, her knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, neuropsychology and a natural understanding of the quantum human experience, Laura offers deep-seated healing at each level of consciousness. Her gentle heart and boundless energy guide clients from life-limiting beliefs and experiences to a healthier and more purposeful sense of being. She holds a Master of Science from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, and a PhD with a concentration in Quantum Medicine and Consciousness. Apart from this, she also happens to be the creator of Medigraytion, a pioneering new way to heal oneself through the blended power of medical science, meditation, neural plasticity, and one’s own consciousness.

Her interest in human consciousness can be traced down to her personal experiences- as a freshman at Baylor University in 1986, she began to display signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The signs were typical: over-organizing; lining up books, pens, shoes; and the repetition of compulsive behaviour a certain number of times (3 and 33 were her numbers). After looping on things incessantly, she knew she needed to do something. As her major was pre-veterinary, she decided to take a scientific approach to the problem and research the neurological pathways scientists believed led to OCD. The majority of OCD research found in 1986 was focusing on the results from a new class of drugs called SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors). After thorough research, she realised that the condition of OCD was most likely created over time by the sufferer- which meant that she possibly couldn’t have it since her birth. As a result, she concluded that if she had the power to create a chemical imbalance in her brain, then it meant that she could also destroy it. Hence, she worked on recruiting the extreme compulsive habits of her OCD to eventually get rid of them.

I had no idea in 1986 that I was pioneering a form of self-directed neural plasticity. Nor did I know that the focused attention I was using through my meditation practice was directing Consciousness to collapse wavelengths of new possibilities into my brain. I didn’t realize that these wavelengths, which then became particles, were creating a new environment of electric, chemical, and subtle energy epigenetics, which were informing my cells to function and behave differently. The only thing I did know was that I had the conscious ability to change my mind, change my emotions, and change my physiology- I never doubted this for a moment,” she says as she talks about her unique journey of self-exploration.

Using the consciousness found in her body to create and manifest the transformational life she wanted to experience, led her to start her own company, Medigraytion, which is a digital meditation streaming website. It uses consciousness to blend the science of mindful meditation, epigenetics, neural plasticity, psychoneuroimmunology, and quantum energy to strengthen a person’s ability to program energy and effect physiological changes within their body.

The challenges faced by her aren’t less as compared to the ones faced in her personal one. According to her, the level of consciousness which is needed to comprehend and integrate the healing work she does is higher than an average person’s level of consciousness, which makes it harder to communicate the concepts. However, this challenge has also become the strength of Medigraytion and her work as a medical intuitive. “The niche I serve is clearly self-defined and the vibrational attraction is quite easy to link. Metaphorically, the niche market we service may be the needle in the haystack, but let’s assume taking a metal detector to that haystack and almost instantly, the detector will find the lone needle. This is true about those who comprehend the work we do at Medigraytion. Consciousness attracts them vibrationally!” she says.

At present, she is aware of the prevailing belief that humans are not able to change the physiology of cells which are under the direction of their autonomic nervous system, our subconscious mind- but deep down, she knew this had to be false. Or maybe better said, she knew that once we make a cell or a pathway connected to the conscious mind, it no longer abides by that rule. It begins to operate under a new paradigm, a new energetic rule which is:

Once it’s within your conscious range, it’s within your ability to consciously change.

And this is how she found an access point of consciousness which she is able to share with humanity and be in service to the miracle of human evolution.