All Work & No Play Can Eat Up Your Productivity

Meet Mariah Nagengast- CFO & Co-Owner at Point Summit, a company that provides outdoor/indoor recreational facilities to people.

Mariah effortlessly manages several outdoor adventure and seasonal parks, apart from being an avid sports enthusiast. She firmly believes that the youth of today can shape the generation of tomorrow, perhaps because of her modest upbringing- “I grew up in a very hard-working family. Both my parents worked till late and I was mostly raised by their friends in a home school. The experiences I earned then made it clear to me that things are never handed to you; if you want something, you need to go out there and earn it,” she says.

She has always been part of a strong group of people and always enjoyed bringing her ideas and creativity to life. She has had a knack for being able to balance things and as a mother of 3 young children, who work full time, she has always enjoyed having fingers in as many pies as she can.

Her venture Point Summit, co-founded with her husband, provides various types of interactive entertainment to people. She says, “We produce fun- that is our product as an organization. It is helpful because, without good memories and experiences, one can be overclouded by the stress and weight of day to day life. Sometimes a good day can change your entire viewpoint and get you to see things or make decisions to reduce the stress or handle your problems. We make sure when you come to our facility, you have a good day!” Today, the couple duo has now entertained several millions of people through all their Entertainment facilities. They have had many recognitions, especially for our marketing and their radio shows. 

As she looks back at how far she has come, she realizes that one shouldn’t dwell on disappointment or failure because it can eat you alive. Instead, one must focus on the positives and their goal and believe that they will get there. Whenever she approaches a project, venture or even motherhood, she always makes sure that her mindset is into what she is doing. Not being there just half-way has made all the difference for her to accomplish something and even the quality of her life.

I always knew where I was going and how to get there. I had a willingness and knack to be able to learn things easily and work with people. I didn’t know what I wanted to do until I worked in a variety of fields but now I know I want to create ideas to entertain others and bring those to life. The present ones are always overcoming the steps I need to take, to make my ideas a reality,” she says.

Even though Mariah has failed several times in many areas, she thinks that the key is not getting stuck in how much of a failure one can feel- this has led to a more flippant attitude in her and a willingness to try new things. It has made her feel stronger, and braver to do something. She says, “If it fails- fine- it was a good learning experience. I don’t sweat the small stuff, I actually appreciate and enjoy what I have.