Her Design Business Helps Entrepreneurs Boost Their Product Sales and Develop a Brand Identity

Meet Lauren Gonzalez, a graphic designer and a Design Business Coach who helps entrepreneurs and other designers grow by increasing their product sales.

Lauren has been creative her entire life. She has been a designer for over 11 years and has been to art school. As a child, Lauren was always drawing, creating, or dancing. Her parents never had enough money, but she was somehow able to pursue her passion for the arts.

When Lauren was expecting her child, she decided to leave her corporate job as a Creative Director and set out to build her design business. After much struggle with a pregnant belly and then a newborn, she brought her business from zero clients to a successful design business with consistent 5-figure months. Lauren knows that her experience in the industry is invaluable, and thus, she has set out on a mission to help undervalued designers rise and create their dream businesses too.

Before Lauren started her design business, she was struggling with her student loan debts, barely having enough money to live off of, and had to go back to her parents for help. She explains, “I had to use the same desk that I had in art school and while growing up to set up my design computer and Wacom tablet on to get started. My husband and I went into even more debt to buy an iMac for my business. The picture was not pretty, but my soon-to-arrive child was a big motivating factor. I had to make sure that we were not in debt when my baby came into the world”. Lauren tried tons of different methods of finding clients but most of these methods were completely unsuccessful, even though the gurus preached them. While others thought an active social media presence was important for a design business, she did not depend on it but stumbled across a great tactic by accident that increased her business tremendously.

Lauren’s design business helps e-Commerce entrepreneurs grow their Amazon business through powerful brand identity. She and her team have launched highly successful Amazon sellers with their exact visual marketing strategy that converts an entrepreneur’s target audience into buying customers. They have worked with well-known brands helping them increase their reach. Lauren also has an educational business to help other designers stop struggling to find clients. She provides them with the exact road map that brought her design business to success without running any ads or relying on the latest social media strategy.

Lauren had to face a lot of challenges while starting her business – how to find clients, how to pay for food, and how to create a stable design business that could sustain a good living for her family. She is now an established and renowned designer, but she still faces several challenges like balancing work and kids with the huge amount of returning clients and new clients coming in every week. But today, Lauren does not have to worry about money and gets to be her ‘OWN’ boss. She says, “My business has allowed me to choose my schedule and be with my kids and husband more, and this is the biggest advantage of owning a successful business. I can go an inch wide and a mile deep finding the type of design I am passionate to work on and the type of clients I love to work with. I have geared my entire brand and website towards helping people solve their unique problems with my design services. I feel fulfilled!

Lauren has been interviewed on podcasts and featured in courses of Amazon coaches to help their audiences learn the importance of brand identity. Her design students have been able to gain success and grow their design businesses without as much struggle as they had before they started working with her. She gives the credit of her success to her persistence. She elaborates, “I could have given up so many times along the way, but if you find a goal that means so much to you, then you will be willing to go the extra mile, work the extra hour, and go outside of your comfort zone to get there”. 

She advises people to take the risk, plan accordingly, and live their dreams. She informs, “I learned that the magic truly lies on the other side of my comfort zone and to never listen to anyone telling me that I couldn’t do it. We can do everything we want to and have the ability to fulfill our dreams and destiny, only if we get out of our comfort zones and focus on the bigger picture”.