Creating Workspaces to Empower People To Think and Work Smarter And Creatively

Meet Emily Gupton, Chief of Staff at SKG, Inc. a furniture dealership company providing customers unique, creative, and cost-effective office solutions that are skillfully supported by its exceptional service teams. 

After working in the healthcare sector for over a decade, Emily Gupton made a drastic career switch to the construction and interiors space. She holds a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and then later went on to pursue an MBA to enter her current industry. She also has a certificate in digital transformation from MIT. The transition has been a huge learning curve for Emily as she had to start from scratch. Now, as the chief of staff at SKG, she is a part of the executive team. Her role involves driving initiatives down to the rest of the organization from the executive level. She manages the growing Marketing and Communications team at the company, along with various technology projects to transform it into the digital age and ensure that they are moving in the right direction. 

Talking about the idea behind the organization, SKG Inc. is an interior space expert company located in Austin, Texas, and San Antonio. They provide furniture, technology, and architectural solutions for their clients. The company works with commercial spaces, government technology companies, education, healthcare, and hospitality industries, as well as individuals who want to set up home offices to stay productive. 

The transition was challenging, as Gupton barely knew anything about the industry she was entering. The healthcare sector is very specific in comparison. But, because she was starting from scratch in an interior firm, she needed to understand how things worked. It was a new company in a new industry, in a new city. She had to relocate for the job, but with her husband’s constant support and helpful colleagues, everything went through smoothly. As a passionate learner, Emily recognized her new capabilities, interests and knows she made the right choice, despite all the hurdles in between. 

Emily is a driven professional who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is grateful for a supportive husband and clear communication that allows them to understand one another. She prefers to maintain a work-life balance, especially now that COVID has blurred the lines between work and home. She makes an effort to plan ahead and devote time to activities outside of work.

Most people are scared to make a change after working in a field for 10 years. But Emily wasn’t. She knew what she wanted and successfully transitioned and now loves what she does. All you have to do is be brave enough to take the step and keep working hard. Everything will fall into place eventually.