Creating a Platform To Inspire and Empower Women To Live Their Most Fulfilling Lives

Meet Yvette Bodden, Author, and Founder at (AW), a platform designed to inspire, empower and encourage women to become their best selves. 

Yvette Bodden lives to tell stories and believes in the power of storytelling to create connections, heal and learn from others. She is sharing her journey from divorce to joy with women who may feel alone in life. But how did this journey start? Growing up in New York city full of diversity, opportunity, and energy, Yvette lived a modest life in a home that saw joy but a lot of pain, too. She carried her past for a long time but eventually stopped running from it and confronted it. She understood that her past cannot decide the future, and this has helped her grow. “We all have baggage but must learn to face our truths and embrace who we are,” she says.

Prior to Awakened Woman, she worked as an event planner, assistant in corporate America and later started writing. It has been like therapy to her, writing her own and other women’s stories to motivate and inspire all those who read them. Today, the platform includes close to 500 articles about motherhood, relationships, dating, pregnancy, love, infidelity, abuse, identity, woman empowerment, and celebrity profiles of women on their journey to greatness. In 2019, her book titled “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” was published, and this is her most remarkable and cherished achievement to date.

Elaborating on the concept behind her platform, she says, “The AW platform is a free resource for women around the world to find inspiration and information that will empower them. It is about having a community that women can be part of. The stories, articles, and interviews will evoke thought and emotion. Sometimes, it is difficult to confide in our closest people. Having a place that provides comfort and opens the mind is invaluable.

The idea of writing a book and creating AW has been a turning point in Bodden’s life. She just wrote pages on her life, and they turned into memoirs. She was never in it for the money, and the goal has been to plant a seed in women to encourage them to create a life they had envisioned. As for the future, she wants to have AW larger reach to influence and inspire more women to find their truth and self-worth. 

The pandemic inspired her to challenge herself with no access to events or people. This was the time she decided to start an AW series to interview women CEOs, entrepreneurs, actors, and athletes to share their journeys. We all have our struggles, and it’s important we support each other. And Bodden feels that by sharing our experiences, we can lift each other up. 

Yvette doesn’t believe in coincidences but choices. She feels that failure is a lesson in disguise and a mistake that leads to failure is the greatest teacher. Her personal motto in life is “If you believe it, you can do it.” We are the only ones setting our limits. You just need to do the work to get your passion off the ground, and everything else will follow. 

When asked to share a motivational message for her readers, she says, “I did not set out to write a book or create this amazing platform. In fact, there wasn’t a vision. Once I began to see myself as a writer, believed in my ability to succeed – everything changed. I’d like the readers to dream big, trust their instincts and skills. Most of all, remain persistent. Your purpose and work will drive you to where you want to go.”