This Editor-in-Chief Is Changing The Face of Digital Media In Finland

Meet Maija Koski, Editor In Chief, Head of Content at A-lehdet Oy, a bold and innovative media house that has grown to become an expert in living and health, as well as a pioneer in digital influencing. 

Maija Koski has been a journalist for 20 years now. She began her career as a news reporter, progressed to magazine writing, and is now the editor-in-chief of A-lehdet Oy, a traditional Finnish media company growing in digital. Koski grew every step of the way during her journey to the top. After working as features and managing editor for 6 years, she went to UC Berkeley in 2013. She learned digital media at the university and came back to the country to work in the digital development of several magazines in Sanoma Media Finland, before finally joining her current company. 

As editor-in-chief and head of content, she is leading the 7 magazines under the media house and also oversees the website. A-lehdet Oy focuses on current issues, women and health, and house and living niches. Elaborating a little about the company, “A-lehdet Group is made up of A-lehdet, which specialises in media business, as well as Finnish Design Shop, a leading online store of Nordic design, and Genero, a pioneer in growth marketing, and the largest online retailer for watches and jewellery in Finland, Keskisen Kello.

Not only a leader, but Maija is also a mother of two. She has a daughter and a son, ages 17 and 12 respectively, and she realises that as they get older, it becomes easier to care for them and manage work. Though COVID presented some difficulties, but as everyone was at home, they had more time for each other. It was more difficult to balance work and family when the children were younger because she felt guilty as a mother when she was at work and as a professional when she was at home with them. However, she is grateful for the long maternity leaves in Finland that allowed her to stay with the children and rest. They also have decent daycare facilities, so parents don’t have to worry too much about their kids’ well-being. 

Her husband has always been supportive of her career and shares equal responsibilities with her. Back when Maija moved to the States for a journalism course at UC Berkeley, her husband took a year off from work to accompany her and care for the kids. 

Koski’s journey has been an extraordinary one. She embraced every learning opportunity that came her way, even if it meant moving to a different continent to study. She gladly accepted the opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. It definitely gave her an edge in today’s rapidly changing digital world. She is a dedicated leader who is taking the company to greater heights with an incredible team by her side.