This Flight attendant-turned Parenting Coach Is All About Conscious Parenting

Meet Tiffany Brewer, a certified parenting coach and a mum blogger who is also passionate about female growth and empowerment.

When the pandemic started, things went haywire for all of us. One of the worst affected groups was the single working moms. Tiffany Brewer had to quit her job as a flight attendant she had for 9 years to become a 24/7 mum to a three-year-old. Little did she know this would become her greatest strength and set her path for something bigger to incite change. Now, she is a certified parenting coach, mommy blogger, and aspiring influencer who wants to empower women around the world. She has also been homeschooling her son for the last 14 months and studying early education simultaneously. 

It all started when Tiffany had no one to support her with childcare, with her family residing in a different city. She also realized the lack of awareness for homeschooling and parenting. This got her interested in the sector, and has been working towards it ever since. She has started DIY activities with her son to make concepts clear to him. Despite facing all the challenges and struggles in life, she kept going and never let go of the hope. As things are changing, Tiffany is rooting to be a pioneer of change herself and teaching her son to be the same. She is an avid feminist who is sensitizing him about female growth and women empowerment from an early age. Talking about her purpose, she says, “I am yet to achieve true success because my mission is to see women liberated to do what they want and men to be supportive in that regard.” 

Brewer wants to bring a shift in the way women are perceived in society. She realizes the need for parents to shape up the minds of their children for a better tomorrow and is helping others to work towards it too. As a single mother of a half-Anglo Indian and half-Jain, she is trying to raise him in a secular manner. She wishes for her child to respect all cultures and traditions. 

Making a career switch this big and to a profession that usually invites criticism, Tiffany knows it’s not going to be easy. But she is only getting started, and her belief in the purpose gives her immense strength. And when it comes to handling criticism, she takes time to listen to the person’s intention and the message. She knows that there will always be people who just want to drag you down, so we need to carefully understand their intentions before taking criticism to heart and losing confidence over it. 

Brewer draws inspiration from celebrated personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Les Brown, Rhonda Byrne, etc. She aims to inspire others, especially women, and will consider her purpose fulfilled if she can help even one person be productive. Tiffany sends a sweet and short message to her readers. “Be consistent, keep making content and keep being inspired,” she says.