Now Move From One Place To Another Smartly!

Meet Lindsay Curtis- CEO of A SMART MOVE, a company that rents moving boxes and offers packing, organizing & moving specialists.

Lindsay identifies herself as a wife and mother of three, who moved to San Diego in California from the United Kingdom in 2008 and still has the accent to prove it. She loves living in San Diego as the weather allows her to have a lot of outdoor fun with her family. She is currently enjoying having all her grown-up children at home due to the pandemic and treasuring the time they are spending together.

She feels blessed to have been brought up in a loving, traditional family with a supportive community which laid a great foundation for her as an adult to have a happy marriage of 25 years (and counting) with three amazing children. While celebrating their 10th Anniversary in Disneyland, Fl, she and her husband just looked at each other and made a sudden decision to move to the US- while it took them three years to get relevant permissions and visa, they knew that the journey wasn’t going to be any less than exciting. 

In July 2008, the couple landed in San Diego with no family, no friends & just clothes in their backpacks.

Lindsay came to the USA as an extension of her husband’s visa and was allowed to stay with him, but was not allowed to work until she received her Green Card. For the first few years, she stayed busy being a stay-at-home mom (she had worked all her adult life until she arrived here), making sure the children were well settled in their schools, doing all their after school activities, making sure her family had all had friends and a beautiful home to live in.

While they moved from place to place, she couldn’t stop thinking about all the wasted cardboard and the time and effort wasted on finding the right boxes. Making the boxes up and then breaking them down again – she could not imagine anything worse for their next move. There had to be an alternative.

After much scouring and sourcing, she found a great opportunity to rent out eco-friendly, cleaned and sanitized moving boxes, which are not only made out of 100% recyclable material, but made in the USA. 

And that’s how A SMART MOVE was born- it fulfilled her dream of running her business while providing an environmentally-friendly service to the community.

It is a customer lead service company- always trying to make the customer have a great experience.

We appreciate that moving is stressful enough and we try to take some of that stress away from our customers. So by turning up at the pre-arranged time with boxes that are good to go (no tape needed) – just open and pack your stuff away – this vastly helps. And then it forces the customer to unpack as there is an allotted time for collection which helps the customer settle into their new home much quicker. So you can say we specialize in calming the chaos of moving,” she says. 

Here’s a little instance about how her clients choose to stay loyal to their brand- A client had to fight with her husband when they were moving out of their first property to use Lindsay’s services. Her husband couldn’t see why they had to spend ‘so much’. However, once he experienced the magic of A SMART MOVE,  he was elated- so much so that the second time they had to move, he immediately said to his wife- “Please call A SMART MOVE!” Surprisingly not, they even reached out to her for the third time.

So far, Lindsay has experienced that those who use their services, end up falling in love with them. Their multitude of repeat customers shows them that they are doing something right. She believes that educating people about the existence of the service but also how the service works and how it saves them money is a key challenge for them. To explain this in a simple manner, she says:

As the boxes all uniformly stack on top of each other, it takes less time with the movers rolling them on & off the truck- saving them about 1-2 hours of the movers time- which means less money spent with the movers. Hence, we save our customers both time and money. And don’t even get me started with the whole hygiene thing- used boxes could carry bacteria and mold- all our boxes are clean and sanitized before leaving our premises. Plus, they are sturdy, with no bottom falling out, have carrying handles and take about 1.5 times more than the standard box size. What’s not to like?

The high amount of repeated business and word of mouth together with hundreds of 5 star reviews from all their clients is a sign of success for Lindsay. It makes her feel that she is on the right path.