Taking A “Whole-istic” Approach To Support Businesses and Individuals

Meet Pamela Morgan, a Business Coach and CEO & Founder at Key Instincts, a collaborative company that brings purpose, health, and wellness to your progressive corporate structure through a “whole-istic” approach.

After a 22 years-long stint as an executive for a major global fashion retailer, Pamela Morgan decided to take a step towards starting her own business. Having learned the craft of empowering and creating new leaders, she launched Key Instincts, where she and her team take care of human resources and business consulting needs of their client organizations. She has over 35 years of experience in training, development, coaching employees, and leadership in personal and corporate growth. Morgan is also the founder of a homeless prevention charity, Baby It’s Cold Outside, and a mental health initiative, Headstrong Program, where she is continuously looking for ways to make every life better. 

Growing up in Alberta, Canada, Pamela had a tumultuous life with her loving parents. However,  a major part of her childhood and adult years were marred by the loss and grief of her brothers and her first child. Through this, she learned the value of compassion and courage, which eventually led her to open nonprofit initiatives alongside her business. Despite everything, she has always been grateful for her parents’ warm and loving home.

We all have life-changing experiences that force us to put things into perspective and change the way we live our lives. This turning point came in Pamela’s life on Christmas in 1991, when her daughter had just turned two, and she had gone to bed threatened by her estranged husband that she wouldn’t wake up the next day. Waking up on Christmas morning after a terrifying night, Pamela was overwhelmed. That was the day she decided not to be afraid and take control of her life. “Healing and creating a new life took years, but she always knew part of her vision embraced helping others define their own vision and discover the best version of themselves” and that is exactly what she is doing today.

Talking about her initiatives in detail, she says, “Key Instincts: My company offers Human Resources and Business Consulting, with a focus on a company’s health and wellness in all aspects. Our goal is collaboration to help bring purpose, health, and wellness to progressive corporate cultures. 
Baby It’s Cold Outside Charity
: This is an Alberta-based charity focused on homelessness alleviation, from fundraising to clothing donation, to Christmas feasts, to essential kits, to our big goal of moving into transitional housing. As part of our continuing goal to prevent homelessness, BCO also has a mental health initiative focused on providing free, accessible mental health care to local entrepreneurs, families, and employees.

Morgan is a firm believer in collaboration over competition. She feels that there is enough for everyone and if we collaborate instead of competing, not only will we succeed, but also eliminate struggles like hunger and homelessness. Like most leaders, she also doesn’t view failure as negative. It is an opportunity to learn and grow for her. According to her, it’s our responsibility to take blind steps towards the unknown in order to take steps towards growth. 

Pamela considers her most remarkable achievement to be her ability to live authentically in her passion of serving and empowering others both professionally and through her non-profit. She is honored to have been recognized for the impact she has had over the years. Aside from that, she has been nominated for and won numerous awards and accolades, demonstrating her expertise in the space.

Morgan is always in awe of women leaders today and is quite inspired by them. She believes that as women, it’s our responsibility to honor the women pioneers who came before us. Through her initiatives and work, she is trying to make a difference for both professionals and regular people. Her story is as inspiring as it can get. Leaving a motivating message for her readers, she says, “As women, we need to remember that we are multidimensional beings. We are many things and may fill many roles over the course of our lives. We are always growing. It’s a loss to the world for you not to express or utilize all of your gifts and abilities. Don’t settle.