Transforming Lives for Growth With Conscious Practices

Meet Bhavya Arora- Executive, Life & Growth Coach and Founder of Forward Focus London, who provides help to Professional Men & Women, Independent Business Owners & Coaches Advance in their Careers & Improve their Personal Growth Skills with her simple, proven 3 month Quantum Leap Formula [QLF]  & The Power Hour programs.

Around 2014, she noticed people go through life struggling, feeling disgruntled and making it complicated when it’s not needed. She knows how they Feel because she Felt the same and what she Found was a simple structure with clarity of her goals and  purpose, and she created an action plan together with a mentor. This was her turning point to her success today and she wants to help you do the same. This is when she found Forward Focus London, as she is Focused in taking you Forward, and London because she lives there, but nowadays we can cross borders without leaving the comfort of our home.

So, she has created a program which enables people to get what they want quicker, which obviously means we leap to success, however, a lot of people having difficulties in their life do not know how to, as their headspace is Here but they Want to be There, this thought process in their mindset of  how to go from A to B holds them back from creating a life they want. So, that’s when she told herself, “We need to take that quantum leap to our success’’, and that’s how the Quantum Leap Formula and The Power Hour was born.

She grew up in India in a house filled with fun, love, noise, support and lots of food- “Yes, we had our share of ups and downs, but the comfort of being with family gave me balance and stability. I felt rooted. My parents instilled in us to carry on no matter what life throws at us and this made me stand up each time I fell. My mum had her successful business too, looked after us, the home, my dad and the whole community. The only person that can ever stop us, is us!” she says.

Today, Bhavya supports people like herself to walk confidently from the crossroads in their life so they can go out and achieve the success they want. She says “I learned ways to pick myself up when I fell. I gained resilience, perseverance, and the importance of prioritisation. I realised, fear of failure is just another way of learning..Before being a coach, she worked for multinationals, started a few businesses, supported charities during my pregnancies. I love learning, reinventing myself and life. 

At Forward Focus London, they are committed  to help you to advance and rebalance your life, personally and  professionally, to create the ultimate work-life balance whilst enjoying life to the fullest with their simple proven formulas. In simple practical terms, it means one can confidently ask for a promotion, successfully shift careers or start their own business, while also enjoying life outside work by enhancing their personal growth skills.

Our mission is to provide continuous support to reduce stress, burnouts and anxiety, to manage time by prioritizing, and how to set small yet focused, manageable targets to achieve your vision. In this process, our clients also gain insights into getting more balance between work and personal life while aiming high for themselves,” she says.

Bhavya wants to ensure that her clients get the best results from their 3-month Quantum Leap Program and The Power Hour. She does this by undertaking research from time to time, targeting professionals and business owners from various sectors to understand their key frustrations, joys and challenges at work and their impact, and also the knock-on effect on other areas of their life so that they become what she calls ”Architects of Change”. They wish to overcome the feeling behind the fear of not making it and unacceptance. 

The present challenges for her are to spread awareness regarding ‘you don’t have to do it alone, you don’t have to feel lonely, ask for support, you owe it to yourself, your growth and your mental strength’. She also wants to eradicate the stigma around mental health, emotional imbalances, and give people the courage to make changes in their life so they can feel relaxed, fulfilled and stable.

To date, the response of her clients has been tremendous. Whenever she receives testimonials from her clients on how she has supported them in their journey so they could make a difference in their lives, it feels immeasurable to her- “I have been invited to speak at events, write articles and even received my first award recently on the 24th November.

As she looks back at her journey, she feels proud of herself that she is finally able to breathe in her own rhythm. She has clarity of what she wants for herself and ‘why’. “It has helped me detox and declutter my life inside out. I am first now on my priority list, and I don’t feel guilty about it. That doesn’t make me selfish, rather happier, as I do what I want rather than should. I still have a loving family with lots of craziness going on, which I thrive on. I will not trade my life for anything else. Storms don’t scare me, and tornadoes don’t move me from my beliefs,” she says.

With her efforts, she wants to convert the attitude of being judgmental to caring. For this, she wants us all to ponder upon a question- 

”What am I choosing for my life? What am I ”consciously” choosing for myself?