This Female Technology Innovator Brings Next-Age Innovations to the Email Marketing Space

Meet Lisa S. Jones- Founder & Chief EyeMail Officer at EyeMail Inc., an organization that is revolutionizing the email marketing space with automatic play video in email experiences all over the world.

Lisa S. Jones is the Founder and Chief EyeMail Officer of EyeMail Inc. As a digital innovator and disruptor for marketing communications since 2004, she has developed multiple patent-pending technologies within the digital video-in-email marketing space. Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, she started her career at NASA in the field of Logistics and transitioned as a Corporate Executive at AT&T in support of Infrastructure Management and also in the Office of Supplier Diversity. 

As a trailblazer for women in business and technology, she enjoys sharing thought leadership on innovation, taking a leap of faith to pursue their dreams, teaching them how to build a global team, and empowering women at national and international conferences.

While growing up in Alabama, watching her father open and successfully run his ice cream shop, every day was filled with adventure and learning new things for Lisa. Even though she didn’t realize it at the time, this experience of seeing her father in this leadership role every day, inspired her to know that she could do it one day herself as well. While she didn’t know how she was going to do it, she knew it would happen. Infact, she considers this upbringing as the footprint for the beginnings of her entrepreneurial journey forward in years to come.

I knew when I started, that my journey would not be an easy road, but I made a commitment to light a trail forward and to create a new space for digital innovation and the advancement of women in tech. I believe setbacks set the framework for growth forward and allow you to be one step closer to your desired outcome because you have learned what doesn’t work and how to calibrate your next strategic move,” she says.

Her journey as an African American female innovator has been a journey of several peaks, many valleys, and even more curves. Each experience has provided its own unique set of challenges and shaped her perspectives and opened doors for new opportunities. She feels fortunate that she was raised to know that it’s okay to challenge the status quo, ask questions, stand confidently, and never settle for less than she deserves.

A few of her challenges included being repeatedly advised that automatic play video-in-email (the idea for her start-up) was a dumb idea, that she can never make it happen as a female, and to top it off, she was not a coder or developer. While she realized that indeed she was not a developer, she knew she was a visionary and a female digital disruptor with a dream- and it was enough to get things started.

She did not allow these limiting beliefs to stop her and actively chose to remain focused. After several failures and restarts, she was able to assemble her technical dream team at EyeMail Inc., which currently boasts over 15 Fortune 500 brands as customers.

Lisa found EyeMail Inc. with the core focus of delivering compelling, memorable video experiences that inspire action in the email inbox, mobile, and beyond.

We believe your messages deserve to be Seen, Heard, and Felt. Our customer-centric marketing communications technology enables full video (up to 60 seconds) to play automatically inside the email and mobile, to increase customer engagement and conversions,” she adds.

EyeMail’s patent-pending technology removes the limitations and challenges with video-in-email, such as file size, email transmission limitations, and deliverability, automatically playing video up to 60 seconds in the inbox and mobile. Its compression engine is able to compress up to 300MB of video to an average of 15kb, as a key differentiator. Delivered at 15kb in size with no downloads, it performs with all email service provider systems.

With EyeMail, video-in-email campaigns yield an average of 60% unique views and an average of 38% click-through rate, compared to standard email rates of 20% and 4% respectively. Their Call-to-Action Buttons remain with the video increasing conversions and EyeMail also auto-plays in preview pane view and mobile.

With her expertise, Lisa has been able to build an iconic formula that helps brands to extend their video storytelling to the email inbox to capture attention, engage audiences, inspire action to increase open and click-through rates, and build a stronger bond to brand offerings.

A Microsoft Mentor Protégé company, EyeMail has also collaborated with Senior Architects at Microsoft’s Innovation Lab in support of EyeMail’s technology roadmap. The venture has been unique in adding a Closed Captioning feature allowing recipients to follow along with the words or captions, delivering enhanced engagement for over 430 million impacted by hearing loss.

Today, Lisa and her team constantly think about how they can continue to expand their footprint to ensure inclusiveness and accessibility to reach a broader audience, as everyone deserves an ‘engaging email experience’ according to her.

Looking at her entrepreneurial journey so far, she believes it is important to find mentors in both personal and professional spaces who can help us navigate through challenges and see us win. Another smart learning she has received is regarding the importance of having legal representatives as a line item in the business budget because whenever needed, as they can guide and advise us on any pending or legal questions one may have.

In short, she is one dynamic female CEO who has learned the nuts and bolts of the business world by herself and is now empowering others to follow their dreams.  



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