Promoting Fitness and Wellness through her Unique Towel Brand

Meet Stacy Pierce, the Founder of Work It Towels, an inspirational fitness towel business that contributes to supporting an important non-profit organization. 

A self-proclaimed marketing geek, Stacy loves storytelling and creating unique content for the businesses she serves. She is a serial entrepreneur, a former over-extended school volunteer, a self-help and wellness junkie, and a devoted wife and mother. Stacy started her fitness towel business with her teenagers and is a well-known name in the industry today.

Stacy had a rough childhood as her parents got divorced when she was young. Though she lived with her father and younger brother, she spent every other weekend with her mom. Her father remarried when she was 12, and Stacy and her stepmother did not have a healthy relationship back then. In addition to this emotional stress, she struggled with eating disorders in her teens and through her twenties and was also exposed to alcoholism and a fair amount of emotional abuse throughout her childhood. Despite the circumstances she grew up in, Stacy has no resentment in life. She says, “Because of these experiences, I have learned to be resilient. I understand the power of words, the benefits of laughter, and having a great sense of humor.

Before she started Work It Towels, Stacy was a pharmaceutical representative, a small business owner, an over-extended school volunteer, and a partner with a local dance store. She spent almost eight years in pharmaceuticals and was always finding ways to do the job differently. When she left that industry, she created a small paper-craft store that inevitably succumbed to the 2008 recession. Talking about that experience, Stacy says, “It was devastating, but I learned many valuable lessons. After moving to San Diego, CA from Columbus, OH, I jumped into volunteering – serving as the PTA president and Vice President, Art Director, Foundation Chair, Yearbook lead, and more… it was honestly too much, and I’ve since learned to say, ‘no,’ a bit more.” Today, Stacy is still affiliated with the dance store, but after starting her towel business, she has cut back on those responsibilities.

Stacy’s gym towel business, Work It Towels, was created to inspire EVERY body to move. Stacy and her son design and sell premium quality towels that motivate people to exercise. These towels have inspirational messages printed over them. Not only do these towels have motivating messages in attractive colors, but they are incredibly soft with a 100% microfiber poly-fleece top for ultimate absorption. The proceeds from the sale of these original designs directly benefit the “Anxiety and Depression Association of America”, and thus, they also give the user the satisfaction of social welfare. Answering the question of why Stacy chose ADAA, she says, “We understand the connection between mental and physical health, and we want to support as many people as possible in their wellness journey.

Stacy is proud to be affiliated with this important non-profit. Her gym towel business is growing and has a 24% return customer rate in 2020. Stacy is incredibly grateful to her patrons, influencers, and the dynamic brands that have collaborated with her organization. She says, “We have the kindest, most supportive customers.” Explaining the success behind her venture, Stacy says, “Most customers want to feel good about their purchases, and when an item gives back to relevant non-profits, it’s a win-win all around. 2020 was difficult for many people, and it is vital for all of us to take care of our physical and mental health. We are so grateful to be a part of our customers’ fitness journey while contributing to ADAA.

Stacy believes that her self-doubt has been a challenge for her right from the beginning. In addition to this, she and her team had to teach themselves everything – from creating and designing products, to building an online store, email marketing, and handling their social media. Stacy knows that change is constant, but she and her team do their best to stay on top of the trends. For her, working with teenagers has its own challenges too as they aren’t always receptive to the inevitable discomfort that comes with entrepreneurship, but with her passion and determination, she converts every obstacle in the way into an opportunity for growth. She thoroughly believes in the mantra, “Embrace the fear and do it anyway- there’s no growth in comfort and complacency,” and wants to share it with the people who get inspired by her story of success.