Spreading Happiness and Good Vibes through Creative Living Spaces

Meet Alicia Blas, the Founder and Creative Director of Firmly Planted Designs, a company that creates beautiful gardens to soothe one’s soul.

Alicia is a garden and product designer who believes that “it is all about a feeling!” For her, Nature is a mood evoker, and she believes that when one is “Firmly Planted”, one surrounds themselves with nature and beauty, and the rest takes care of itself!

Ms. Blas grew up in a family that had nothing but love and dysfunction. Thankful for everything, she says, “My family has made me who I am today. I am so grateful for all of the good and mess that came with it!

Alicia has always had a creative temperament. She says, “All my careers have been about being creative. I mix nature and beauty, so no matter what your life situation is, you always feel good. I believe that there is a cycle of ‘good’. Talking to people and listening to what they have to say makes them feel good. Those who feel good do good, and I try to help people feel good. I listen to them!” Alicia started out as a set designer and a photo stylist and has worked for iconic retailers like Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Saks, Sears, and Target, but is now a certified Master Gardener and a product designer. She has over 30 years of design experience, a keen eye for color, and a deep love of nature. She says, “I am constantly creating inside-outside flow with everything I do.

Through her company, Firmly Planted Designs, an innovative indoor-outdoor company that creates living spaces and products, Ms. Blas constantly tries to connect people to the beauty and nature that surround them right outside their door. Once they taste it, they usually want more. With her team of talented landscape designers, Alicia creates beauty and spreads positive vibes throughout the city of Los Angeles. Elaborating on the philosophy of her company, she says, “We believe that a garden is like the “soul.” The seeds you plant are the “love.” The plants you choose are the “life” and the soil is the beautiful, black blanket that keeps it all nurtured, growing and healthy. Then there is “you”- the “golden thread” the “garden (guardian) angel” The one that makes sure everything is happy and healthy.” She believes that a garden is a place to connect, dream, create and manifest, and she helps people bring this idea to life. Her products include a collection of grassy accessories featuring 100% recyclable synthetic turf, and her spaces include garden design, staging, exterior and interior living spaces, and interior plant-scaping.

Talking about the challenges in her journey, Alicia says, “I wasn’t actually connected to what I was doing; I was just creating. Now, it is not a challenge in the regular sense of the term, but I felt that it was wrong somehow. Now, I take my time to get to know people, their needs, the needs of their families, and their surroundings. I am listening to every word!” She believes that listening to her clients has removed all the hurdles in her path to success. She says, “It is amazing. It’s my secret sauce!”

Ms. Blas believes that there is something about plants in nature that speaks to everyone’s soul! She considers it as a common denominator and brings it to all her clients. Alicia knows her flowers and plants, and that has made people trust her entirely. She comments, “We are in zone 9 and I have memorized all important aspects of this zone! It’s what keeps me Firmly Planted.”

Alicia advises people to believe in themselves. She motivates, “Follow your heart and your passion! The rest is just magic and miracles! We can create Eden wherever we are.