This Brilliant Matchmaker is Helping Singles Take Back Control of their Love Lives

Meet Rachel Federoff, a former actress and founder at Love and Matchmaking, a California-based matchmaking service that helps singles find and connect with real matches located nationwide. 

In a time where people try to find love by swiping left and right on a dating app, Rachel Federoff and her team at Love and Matchmaking are striving to form real love by connecting the right people. The former Millionaire Matchmaker star started her own matchmaking company with her husband, Dustin Pfaff. They both worked in the company called “The Millionaires Club” initially. With a combined experience of 20 years in the business and a passion for matchmaking, they started their own company in 2014. 

Rachel has always been a people person and loved matching her friends. Rachel never considered matchmaking as a serious career. But once she met her husband and the owner of their former company, they instantly hit it off. She learned the art of matchmaking and realized that she was really good at it. After a few years, Rachel and her husband decided to take a break and care for their children. But later decided to start their own company, Love and Matchmaking. They were passionate about matchmaking and loved the gratification of bringing two people together.

Talking about her company, Rachel says, “We have the mentality of “everyone deserves love”. The company offers date coaching, marriage coaching, matchmaking and helps people with matchmaking”. It is an elite matchmaking service that connects the clients with their love match and gets them into a real relationship. It takes the burden of finding the right person off the shoulders of their clients. With Love and Matchmaking, the clients can rest assured that they don’t have to do much work. The team takes care of everything and makes the dating experience as smooth as possible for the clients. Also, they save them from the hassles of the dating app where there’s no guarantee that they will find someone for sure and is often filled with fake people and cheats. Not only this, Rachel and Destin also help people in relationships with their love problems. 

COVID has undoubtedly moved dating online, and Rachel believes that people can still find love. As we live in the virtual world, Love and Matchmaking encourages people to connect on a video call with their potential date. She feels that one should at least have a zoom or facetime call before going on the physical date with the person to understand what they are getting themselves into. If the clients are okay with a virtual date, Rachel and her team prepare them to look their best, how to make the date fun and coach them with some friendly tips for the date to go well. But those who wish to go on physical dates, she urges them to wear masks and follow the safety protocols. Rachel’s team at Love and Matchmaking, including Mallory Love, the COO, and a senior matchmaker are doing their best for their clients, even during the pandemic. 

She notes that due to COVID, as people are stuck at home, they are feeling lonely and alone. They are connecting with the company to find someone to share their lives with. Rachel and her team are helping these people find real relationships and work nationwide. Overall, the pandemic has not deterred their spirits, and the company is going on strong to help out their clients, now more than ever. 

Rachel turned something she was passionate about into a career, even though it wasn’t part of her plan initially. She found her calling in matchmaking that she enjoyed doing and found happiness in. She inspires the readers to hang in there, have patience, but also work hard to make their dreams work.