Helping People Find the Right Beauty Product through Authentic Reviews

Meet Kay, the CEO of MyTopFace, a marketing agency and an online magazine with a focus on the beauty business.

Kay was always passionate about beauty. She started working in the beauty industry when she was fifteen years old and opened her first beauty business some years later. For her, it is important to do good, contribute to the world, and affect society in a positive way, and she does it all through beauty. 

Kay is an expert in the Beauty Industry and possesses skills such as Marketing Strategy, Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. She is a strong business development professional who graduated as a Hospitality and Business professional and has been helping beauty brands to grow in the US market. 

Kay believes that life sends each person points of growth so that they evolve and begin to create. She says, “This is how I became the CREATOR of my life.”

Kay’s organization, MyTopFace is a Michelin Guide in the world of beauty and helps beauty brands, places, and services get discovered and find the right audience. The MyTopFace guide also helps people to find the right beauty product, place, or service and provides a professional review. Founded in 2013 MyTopFace has collaborated with over 350 brands from all over the world and has helped to discover new products, markets, and services. With the goal of discovering something new and describing the already popular products, MyTopFace tests the products in their laboratories before reviewing them.

Kay and her team had started from zero and this was their biggest challenge. She says, “There was nothing like this before, so we had to build everything from scratch!” Even today when they have established themselves in the industry, Kay believes in working hard to reach the zenith. She says, “There are no limits to perfection – we are always working on perfecting things.”

Kay has got an amazing response from her clients who she helps to make the right choice and get the necessary results. She elaborates, “Nothing makes me feel better than seeing the results of my work – we receive a lot of feedback from our users whom we helped to make the right choice in their beauty questions, and the brands we work with who find the right customer for their products or services. We love being a part of their lives and they love being a part of ours!”

Kay has a message for everyone who is inspired by her story. She motivates through Seneca’s quote – “Non est ad astra mollis e terris via” – There is no easy way from the earth to the stars”.