Donna is the founder of Vibrant Living International, a non-profit organization. She is a Life Mastery Coach, an ordained minister, a podcaster, and an author. She helps bring accelerated transformation to people across the world. She empowers you to master life, spirit, soul, and body. Donna has been speaking and coaching for over 25 years.

She has developed powerful programs and workshops to help you through life’s transitions and pain to achieve your goals or dreams. She also produces a podcast called “You Were Designed for Greatness” and has written 3 books.

Her clients say she has a knack for turning fear into excitement and exposing lies so the truth can shine through.

What were your initial years of growing up like? Tell us about your life before starting your corporate journey/venture/initiative. 

I had a rough childhood/teenage years.  I just wanted to help people.

Tell us something about your initiative/business. What is it about and how is it helpful for people? (Coaching/Podcast)

Vibrant Living International’s mission is to help people know their true identity, purpose, and destiny.  Eliminating fear, doubt, low self-esteem, feeling guilty, boredom, complacency, performance, unworthiness, hopelessness, sickness, and lack. 

While the global pandemic of COVID-19 is associated primarily with adversities, it has also brought about a true boom in startups, with successful entrepreneurship in many countries. The pandemic has impacted all of us in one way or another. Would you like to share your experience on a personal and professional level?

It created more openness to contacting virtually. 

What has been the response of the users/consumers towards your venture?

It is impacting 1000’s of people around the world.

How has your life altered since you started coaching and podcasting and quit your position as CEO of a company?

It’s become Fabulous! 

Do you have anyone who is the biggest support system in your life? Please let us know.

God & my husband.

Would you like to share with our young budding entrepreneurs the change you would like to see in the world if given an opportunity? OR Share a motivational message for the audience reading this.

Believe it’s possible and get support.

Do you think ‘GENDER’ affects entrepreneurship? Your views

Yes, it can.