Kate Sotsenko

Kate Sotsenko is a curious organization freak turned productivity educator and coach. Throughout her professional career in client relationship and experience management, she had the opportunity to work in various locations around the globe. 

She tells us that, “In one of the leadership workshops I attended, I had a light bulb moment where I realized that simply being skilled at something doesn’t necessarily provide the fulfillment and energy I craved. This realization motivated me to discover what truly energized me, and I found it in teaching and coaching. Last year, I made the decision to leave my corporate career behind and establish my own training and coaching business. I am incredibly grateful for the valuable skills and experiences I acquired in the corporate world, as they now enable me to pursue what truly energizes me.

Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture?

Prior to embarking on my venture, I had the privilege of working for remarkable companies such as Levi’s, Ferragamo, Gucci, Soneva, and IWC. My expertise predominantly revolved around customer relationship and experience management. This role afforded me the incredible opportunity to travel to over 50 countries and immerse myself in diverse cultures. While many refer to a typical office job as a “9 to 5,” I found that my corporate career went far beyond those hours. The most impactful and memorable lessons I learned were a result of consistently going above and beyond. I dedicated long hours to my work, which at times led to moments of exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. However, these challenges ultimately facilitated my personal growth and allowed me to recognize my strengths and untapped potential. It’s important to acknowledge that no job or life is perfect, but rather a combination of highs and lows that contribute to our growth. Similarly, my life as an entrepreneur shares similarities with my corporate experience. There is no fixed 9-to-5 schedule, and fatigue is a common occurrence. Nevertheless, when driven by a purpose we deeply believe in, the busyness becomes worthwhile. I don’t necessarily advocate for entrepreneurship as a universal path, but rather encourage individuals to choose what aligns with their current needs and aspirations. For 15 years, the corporate world was the right choice for me, and now I’m delighted to explore the realm of entrepreneurship.

Tell us something about your organization. What is it about and how is it helpful for people?

TheGoodBusy.com aims to create a positive work experience by educating team leaders on productivity and helping them build productive teams. We all must work and make a living one way or another. Work is an integral part of life. So why not learn how to enjoy life at work. I believe we all deserve to feel fulfillment at work, get important things done, and have time for what truly matters.

What has been the response of the consumers towards your venture? 

The response from consumers has been incredibly humbling. Initially, I never anticipated posting on LinkedIn. It started with a simple desire to share about my company with my network. However, as I engaged with comments and explored the platform, I thought there is a potential I could explore. Despite experiencing anxiety each time I hit the “post” button, I am now grateful to every of +16,000 followers on LinkedIn. Many individuals have reached out through direct messages, expressing how the content I share has positively impacted them. The messages come from all over the world. This response has been heartwarming and reinforces daily the value of the work I do. As a result, I have acquired several clients, secured speaking engagements, and engaged in conversations that have led to various opportunities, such as this interview with Humans of Fuzia. The support and feedback from consumers have been instrumental in propelling my venture forward, and I am grateful for the recognition and achievements that have come along the way.

How has your life changed because of your venture?

My venture has led to even longer work hours, but I experience a fulfilling sense of good business every day. While I have no regrets about my corporate career and still recommend young people to embrace the corporate environment as a tremendous learning opportunity, I am exactly where I need to be now.

Give a motivational message for the audience/women who are reading this.

Regardless of the path you choose or the goals you set, it is crucial to find joy in the process. Learn to enjoy the hard work, to do the uncomfortable work and how to lose. When you develop these skills, you will possess the unstoppable ability to become the person you aspire to be.