Meet Natalie Phillips- Founder and CEO at Write-Click-Sell, an organization that offers conversion-based copywriting and email services.

Natalie is a writer, a professional marketer and a businesswoman from Cornwall who enjoys helping others make the connection between their audience and their passion. Being an army child, she never spent more than three years in one place, thanks to the frequent postings of her father. Even though there was scope for unpredictability, it was the thrill of having an exciting, eclectic life that made her travel to several countries which kept her motivated throughout. 

Talking about her professional life, she calls working for several large organizations as doing the usual ‘corporate dance’ to get the feel of digital marketing. “This was back in the noughties (2000s) when you still had to flash ad banners on websites and email was just the inter-office memo. I had started my family, realised I did not want to stay on the treadmill of work, dinner, bed and didn’t want to see my children briefly only for a few minutes a day. On top of that, I also wanted more from my career- a chance to meet and help people who inspired me and get their work out to a larger crowd. So, I started up my own email marketing consultancy called Writel-Click-Sell,” she says.

Through Write-Click-Sell, she offers conversion-based copywriting and email services, based on our reader’s engagement with your brand. According to her, email marketing does not have to be hard or laborious- she sees it as injecting more fun into a day by talking to our favorite people (our customers) about our favorite subject (our business). She often calls herself a one-woman ‘Rescue Remedy’ for email and online content programmes- as most boring emails get binned!

Her venture helps people and businesses who have an email list and want to really use it, along with those who are not sure where to start. It’s about communication and connection in its clearest sense. And because every business focuses on community-building, they have people willing to listen and buy from them on a consistent basis. Natalie teaches her clients to tap on such opportunities in order to be remembered, recommended and profitable with inbox.

With over 15 years of experience in managing digital campaigns, she knows almost every nuance about writing catchy and goal-oriented emails, managing email list and helping brands and their products go from “flop” to “fantastic”. Write-Click-Sell does it by:

-Setting up the digital processes for any business and enabling users to get their marketing done in as little as 20 minutes a day. 

-Focusing on email lists (and ads at a later date), with which her clients can monitor, communicate, measure and improve on their success.

-Personalizing communication and making sure the users get incredible content from her clients that leads to repeat business and raving referrals. There is no requirement for an AI-powered bot to carry out conversations with the users.

To date, Natalie has applied her in-depth knowledge and years of experience across the board, from small start-ups to global enterprises. For her, there’s no sales secrets or hidden gimmicks- she simply helps you to craft compelling, repeatable messages, combined with good software automation. However, it wasn’t as simple as it sounds. She says:

I faced a lot of challenges in my life whilst juggling my business, parenting and housework. It meant I couldn’t go on holiday and worrying that nothing was in place. However, as time passed, all the hard work paid off and it meant waking up to big offers and deals months later. Once things got settled, it meant I could relax and plan ahead for the next week, month and quarter with even more excitement!

The younger Natalie faced a lack of confidence; not having the courage to go out there and sell herself but as she looks at her growth today, she attributes her success to proper time-management and stopping herself from stagnating. Most of her clients give positive feedback to her for her impeccable work and she sees the tangible results of her work in their business, which makes her more proud of her journey.

I talk to people all over the globe, every day of the week. I can pay the bills, pick my kids up from school and even go surfing in my lunch hour, in the summer. I feel like I am making a difference in a variety of areas. I believe it’s important for people to understand that it’s not what you get or even what you give- it’s who you ‘become’. You don’t need to wait for permission for something you deserve for your hard work and efforts,” she concludes.