Anna Prinz

Anna Prinz is a Transformational Life Coach. 

She tells us that, “I am a treasure seeker. I love to wonder at the beauty in the world. I am a connector.  I love to connect with others to dig deep into life, meaning and purpose. I am a noticeman. I enjoy details and seek joy in the journey. I am a poet and writer. I love to reflect on life’s longings and lessons, the challenges and the celebrations, the sorrows and the successes. I value loyal friendships, vulnerable conversations, resilient hearts and selfless contributors. I love candles by firelight. I love my garden. I love making cards. I love reading while snuggled under a blanket.”

Before diving into your current endeavors, what childhood dreams did you harbor, and how do they manifest in your work today?

My background didn’t give many clues about the direction I would find myself taking in later life. So I would say that although our foundational years do form the basis on which we build our experience, there are always opportunities to take a different road. I come from a secure and traditional family where the breadwinner had a long career in the same profession. There was stability and many benefits in this for which I am grateful. My experience has been a variety of professions, communities and types of roles. I have worked in the public sector. I have worked overseas. I have worked for the charity sector. And I now run my own business. My generation has the advantage of the normalising of changing careers perhaps several times in life. I love the freedom and exploration that comes from this culture change and adventurous spirit. Before starting my own business I would never have dreamed that I would launch out ‘on my own’. I had an idea that business owners were driven by certain values that I didn’t attribute to myself. However, our business is an extension of ourselves so there are as many types and flavours of business in the world as there are business owners! Where I find myself today is a culmination of many life experiences both positive and negative which have contributed to my discovery of who I am, what I am passionate about, and how I want to find and offer meaning in the world.

If you could pen a letter to your younger self, what empowering words would you whisper across time’s whispering winds?

I am a transformational life coach and I run my own business The Crossroads Coach Years ago when I experienced coaching for the first time, I was amazed at the tools I had been given not only during the sessions, but especially in day to day life. I began to ask myself coaching questions and I embarked on the self-development journey that I am on today. I discovered the degree of self-mastery that coaching offers, the power of reflection and the benefits of the accountability and motivation that tracking goals brings. So I began to see the world in terms of asking questions. Questions to myself to  seek insight, clarity and transformation. And I have always been interested in people, so asking questions creates connection, space and freedom with others. So I was a big fan of coaching. Then my life came to a major crossroads. I went through a seismic shift where my marriage, my work, my community and many friendships fell away. The change was colossal and there was a wide open space ahead of me. Picking up the pieces involved the realisation that there was an opportunity to retrain, study coaching and become a coach. I was motivated by the energy I felt when I thought about all the positive reasons why it was a good fit. Study fitted around my family responsibilities. The content was so deeply satisfying and congruent with my life values of deep reflection and interest in human behaviour and potential. I was motivated to become a coach because the ethos resonates with me. The coaching ethos being: people grow when they are given the opportunity to see life from a new perspective. People grow when they discover the answers within themselves. People grow when they take responsibility for their actions and receive accountability and support. I was excited to step into the coaching space both for my own development and to offer to others the life-changing benefits of coaching.

What’s your work all about, and how does it make a difference in the world?

I am fascinated with how and why we make the decisions we do and my coaching reflects this. My coaching niche is to support people who are at a crossroads in life. I want to bring clarity where there are internal conflicts. I want to bring focus where there are external pressures. I want clients to grow in confidence in the decisions they are making because they are congruent with their vision and values. So many people don’t give themselves the chance to simply pause and reflect on how they are doing life. The impact I want to achieve is to bring awareness of the different facets of decision-making to as wide an audience as possible. By taking my ‘Standing at the Crossroads’ program, people will discover their needs and values, priorities and challenges, and grow in confidence of their decisions within a major life transition. Check it out on:

Reflecting on your journey, what unexpected plot twists moments have shaped your path?

I have been thinking about the definition of success for quite some time. The world says success is connected to wealth, power and influence. But there are many ways of being successful. It is connected to understanding our values. What is most important to us? Then when we feel fullfilled in those areas, we are successful. So I feel successful in creating a business that runs on connection and personal development. I succeed every time I challenge myself to step beyond my comfort zone. I succeed when I hear the positive feedback from clients who grow in consciousness and confidence as a result of our work together. I succeed when I finish the day content that I am making a difference and creating a meaningful, balanced life.

Having said that, one accomplishment that I’m excited about is the upcoming release of a book that I have contributed to. ‘The Life Coach’s Toolkit Vol 2: Ready-to-use Strategies, Principles & Activities’ by Erik Seversen (published by Thin Leaf Press) My chapter on ‘Vision and Values’ highlights my passion for digging deep into our journey to discover what motivates us, what we truly want, how to get there and how to find inspiration on the way.

If you could travel back in time to witness an important moment for women, what would it be?

The change that I would like to see is that our workplaces would more and more encourage common sense and real talk. We need to drop the masks and ditch the bravado. By embracing vulnerability, people can bring their true selves to the places of work which will benefit us all in the end. It’s frustrating to witness the pretense and competitiveness so prevalent today. Thought leaders like Brene Brown, Simon Sinek and Steven Bartlett do extraordinary work because they all encourage the integration of our true selves in our workplaces rather than putting on a face which leads to exhaustion and discord.

What special ability do you wish you had to make your job easier?

I believe leadership works best when there is shared responsibility and ownership. So we don’t all pile the expectations of success of a company onto one person. Women are naturally collaborators and excel in team work towards a common goal. Leadership must release and encourage others to offer their skills and experience in a safe yet challenging environment. Women have the inherent skills to do this as we nurture talent, to come alongside and to raise the potential of others. Workplaces need what women bring in this time when we are all more aware of looking after our mental health. Women contribute to keeping it real, creating an environment where we can be more ourselves which in turn contributes to higher creativity and the ultimate success of the business.

Picture a world where every young woman follows in your footsteps. What does that world look like, and how does it feel?

Take the time to discover more deeply who you are and how you want to contribute. Your life is a journey unfolding. You don’t have to have it all figured out, but for your next step, it is necessary to understand your values, your needs, your motivation and your inspiration. You are unique and you matter. Your contribution is needed. Do the inner work necessary to become your favourite self. Find networks that support your development. Enjoy the journey!

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