Neha Arora

Neha Arora is a Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She believes that our past doesn’t have to dictate our future, and no matter what we have been through, we deserve healing.

She tells us that, “I work with clients to find, break, and eliminate subconscious limiting belief patterns that are keeping them stuck in life. My passion lies in assisting my clients quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly transform in various life domains—relationships, health, personal goals, or careers.”

Before diving into your current endeavors, what childhood dreams did you harbor, and how do they manifest in your work today?

I rarely have happy memories of my childhood. Growing up, my family was going through a significant financial crisis. I saw fights at home and my parents struggling to make ends meet. As a result, I developed very unhealthy beliefs about myself and a damaged relationship with money – I started believing that I was not good enough, not lovable enough, and things wouldn’t change for the rest of my life- that’s what It felt like for a 10-year-old. 

I started working right after school to support myself and the family in whatever capacity I could. It was in my 20s that things started shifting, and since then, it’s been an upward graph. I worked as a trainer, lived in France and the UAE, and am now based in Canada. My work enabled me, and I was fortunate to have traveled to 25 countries by the time I was 26, all in 6 years. 

It took me years of self-work to get to a place where I made peace with my past and healed those unhealthy limiting patterns. The journey was painful and hard. 

It was in 2022 that I started The Mind Rewired to help people and make healing a quick, effortless process instead of a long, tedious one like the one I went through. 

Looking back, I am grateful for my early life experiences because they have gotten me to where I am and shaped me into who I am today. If not for those painful experiences, I wouldn’t have thought of being a Therapist.

If you could pen a letter to your younger self, what empowering words would you whisper across time’s whispering winds?

I believe for any business to flourish, it needs a strong WHY. While I was growing up, I wished I had the help and the resources to break through the limiting patterns I was struggling with. Therapy was not something people spoke about. I struggled alone for the longest time I can remember. I had almost no hope in life, and I questioned why I was alive in the first place. I suffered and took years to get out of the place I was in. 

I started The Mind Rewired because hundreds and thousands of people are struggling in their lives, and I want to be the help I never had. I was alone, but they did not have to be. 

I want to heal people from their childhood wounds and break them free of those.

What’s your work all about, and how does it make a difference in the world?

As a Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner, my work is about bringing instant and lasting transformation by harnessing the power and the potential of our mind. I empower clients with updated mental software.

Our subconscious programming, including our daily choices, decisions, and responses, runs 95% of our lives. It’s our thoughts that govern our actions. This is how it flows, Thoughts – Feelings – Actions – Habits. 

When we change our thoughts we can change our lives. We can’t heal what we don’t understand, and RTT involves finding the root of the problem and empowering the client to understand the underlying thought/ belief pattern. Then, we heal through those beliefs and replace them with new, powerful, life-changing beliefs. All this happens in a 2-hour session. The process is quick and effortless.

We all update our phones and laptops, etc., because if not, it would not work optimally; similarly, updating our mental programs becomes important to live an uncompromised life.

Hurt people hurt people, and healed people heal people. I believe the more inner work we do, the better our lives and the lives of those around us will be.

Reflecting on your journey, what unexpected plot twists moments have shaped your path?

My achievements are the incredible transformation I see with my clients almost instantaneously /in a very short time. 

Often, people who come to me have tried other forms of therapy and sometimes even for years and have not had the results they would want. To witness how our subconscious beliefs impact every aspect of our lives and how just one session can shift one’s life is fulfilling. 

It is magical when they break through the limiting subconscious patterns that have led them to -anxiety, low self-esteem, money blocks, addictions, and health conditions, to name a few, and empower themselves with powerful beliefs.

If you could travel back in time to witness an important moment for women, what would it be?

A world that is healed, where people have compassion for themselves and others around them. And it starts with healing one person at a time as it produces a ripple effect. This state of healing comes from Freedom from limiting and painful belief patterns. 

The inner reflects the outer. Our reality and our life experiences are a result of our internal programming. Hacking that inner program and healing through the pain we have held onto for years can bring so much healing to us.

What special ability do you wish you had to make your job easier?

Women in leadership positions should be incredibly proud of themselves for succeeding despite the odds. I feel that with that comes a responsibility to be that ray of hope, support, and inspiration for all the other women out there.

We all need people to believe in us, so let us be those who believe and nurture other women. 

Picture a world where every young woman follows in your footsteps. What does that world look like, and how does it feel?

Believe in yourself and prioritize yourself! If you believe in yourself, you give the whole world permission to believe in you. As women, we are often conditioned to prioritize everyone else over us – parents, husbands, kids, etc. This conditioning leaves us in a place where we think everyone’s needs are more important than ours. If we prioritize ourselves, we often feel guilty about it /because of this conditioning. The guilt of not being a good daughter, mother, wife, or sister holds us back. So break free from those old chains holding you back and step into your greatness. 

Remember that you are enough, you are as important as others, you are worthy, and you are deserving! Be proud of yourself and celebrate yourself!