Transforming Trauma into Triumph: The Inspirational Journey and Vision of an Emotional Resilience Coach

Kay McCready Kay McCready is an Emotional Resilience Coach, Trauma Practitioner, 9D Breathwork Facilitator, Founder of Kay McCready Coaching and Co Founder of BEAT Global Academy Ltd. She tells us that, “I am an accomplished Emotional Resilience Expert, Trauma Practitioner, 9D Breathwork Facilitator, holistic therapist and an award-winning Speaker. I am the innovative founder of […]

From Guardian to Business Guide: A Journey of Nurturing and Empowering Entrepreneurs

Isi Oteze Isi Oteze is a Business and Executive Coach. She tells us that, “Many business owners struggle alone, craving support, encouragement, and accountability.   I work with clients to gain clarity and focus, helping them reach their business’s true potential. Using innovative frameworks like design thinking, I provide leadership coaching, masterminds, and group coaching […]

Empowering Excellence: The Journey and Impact of Reid Ready® Life Coaching

Dr. “Coach Dawn” Reid Dr. “Coach Dawn” Reid is the founder of Reid Ready® Life Coaching, LLC, a premier provider of accredited coach training, qualified coach assessment, and coaching services. She is a credentialed coach with expertise in mental health and wellbeing coaching, DEI coaching, leadership coaching, and spiritual coaching and practices. She previously served […]