In this interview with Brad Walsh, a professional photographer, and Founder of the podcast platform, Empowerography, discuss his aim to showcase a community where women can support each other through trajectories of strength and struggles.

Key Highlights:

  • Started his business in the pandemic of turning the negative energy and optimizing his time during the lockdown. (3:13-3:41)
  • Inspiration by the women in his family and his mother leave a toxic relationship to look after the family, leading him to respect strong and inspirational women (4:36-4:47)
  • He started the platform for women to change the narratives as they have been held back by men and society.(6:32-6:44)
  • Empowerment means building a community where men are allies. (8:49-9:01)
  • Feminism is a space for women to talk and men actively listen and be a participant (9:02-9:29)
  • Having conversations about women’s leadership is pinnacle of the momentum to give them a seat at the table of leadership position, with men stepping aside and giving them equal and opportunities. (12:09- 12:47)
  • Do not let the barriers stopping you from reaching your goal (13:25- 13:36)
  • The life mantra to keep on going is not letting anyone tell you are not capable to do something (20:35-20:41)