Turning Wishes Into Manifestations With Her Power of Understanding

Meet Sindhu Satish Advyth- Manifestation coach and certified hypnotherapist at Life Coaching with Sin.

Sindhu Satish is a highly nuanced life coach and mental health advocate who is also a certified hypnotherapist. With over 5 years of experience in teaching young professionals how to implement the law of attraction to manifest, she is successfully changing lives all across the world.

  Adding to the multiple feathers in her hat, she is also an experienced communications specialist with 10+ years of experience in employer branding, social media content creation, and internal communications across industries such as technology, luxury branding, and consumer durables. To date, she has mentored and helped over 2000 people across 45 odd countries via her own self-improvement course. 

Talking about her initial years of growing as a professional, she says- “I grew up in Bombay (Mumbai was Bombay then) in a very progressive household where we were encouraged to freely pursue our passions, and do things that make us happy. As I grew older, I realized that though I was brought up in a household so open and progressive, it was not the case everywhere. So slowly and steadily, I started helping people with certain blocks that they experienced in building interpersonal relationships due to certain circumstances that they experienced during their childhood.

Sindhu launched her 1:1 manifestation coach in Luxembourg in 2017, when she moved there to settle. Prior to that, she was working at a celebrity management firm and then for employer branding and communications at a consumer durables company. 

Currently, in Luxembourg, she also practices as a social media expert with a tech company in addition to her manifestation practice. All these activities began when she started dishing out advice to people she knew and slowly her expertise expanded via word of mouth. 

However, she launched her one-on-one course only a few years after she helped people by giving them advice on their relationships and career. In short, her major skill was to help people who face everyday problems in their relationships, career, and life in general, which ultimately gave her a dream career.

Her organization Life Coaching with Sin is helpful for people because it helps them apply the law of attraction in a practical manner. There are several books and teachings which talk about how amazing the law is (it definitely is), but people are confused as to how to practically apply it. That’s where Sindhu comes in, to teach them how to manifest using the law of attraction.

I like to call myself a soulpreneur, the online definition of which is- being a soulpreneur or soulful entrepreneur means that you are living out your soul’s purpose. It means that you are following a career path that perfectly aligns with and portrays your passion and purpose in life. It means that you have poured your heart and soul into what you do for a living.

Thanks to this, I don’t really look at it as a very commercial venture. That’s not to say my courses are free, but I treat it more as a passion project venture than a hardcore business. Hence I don’t really draw up business plans or do a S.W.O.T analysis on the same,” she says.

According to Sindhu, people love what she does and she knows that because she doesn’t go looking for clients- she attracts her clients and these clients come to her via different channels. She just pours her heart out in what she does, and creates content that resonates with people on social media. 

Thanks to her coaching venture and social media, Sindhu has been listed among the top 10 influence makers in Luxembourg, and awarded the best lifestyle blogger by the Kachin magazine.

As she looks back, she believes that she has had the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, and more than that, people write to her saying things like they manifested their dream job or partner because of her. These kinds of testimonials make her feel good as it shows how she has managed to touch so many hearts.

To all the people trying to race ahead of time, she gives this beautiful piece of advice:

It may be 10:00 a.m. in Paris but 2:30 pm in Mumbai. Sure, Mumbai might be ahead of Paris in terms of timing, but that doesn’t mean that Mumbai is better than Paris. It just means that Paris’s time hasn’t come yet. Hence, if you haven’t manifested something that you really want, it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It just means your time hasn’t come. And that’s perfectly okay!