This woman entrepreneur is redefining stock market awareness in India

Meet Madhu Bansal, the founder of KRB Markets, who aims to educate Indian citizens about the relatively easy world of financing and benefit from it to a greater extent.

Who says a woman can’t achieve something that she desires for and be successful at it at the same time? A great example of it has to be Madhu- A finance enthusiast who has always been inclined towards the concepts of investing and trading in the market. With the vision to spread awareness related to investing safely within the wide range of the community, she wishes to educate Indian citizens about the relatively easier world of financing and benefit from it to a greater extent.

She says, “There is a huge gap in our country when it comes to financial literacy. With the advent of a number of good financial products and fabulous government schemes, the common person should definitely benefit from them. My service will benefit everybody from the lower class to the middle class to the women (who are still ignored when it comes to financial decisions) to understand the real meaning of investing or even trading.”

And why not? She emphasizes on providing knowledge about the financial products in a very transparent and easy manner for an ordinary person to understand. She believes that we need plenty of companies in the same direction in order to reach the goal which is not even visible from this point. Surprisingly, India is home to almost 20% of the world’s population, however, 76% of its adult population is not even aware of the basic financial concepts.

As she kept going deeper into the subject, she realized that millions have lost money in the stock market because of a lack of proper knowledge or by people they considered to be trustworthy. For her, the biggest challenge has been to convince people about their unawareness in the financial field as some of them take it as a gamble and some just ignore it completely. She thinks that this case has been somewhat the same in all the walks of life. 

Her organisation, KRB Markets, is all about providing the right education in the field of finance, either by investing or trading or beneficial schemes or mutual funds. Its main purpose is to let people understand the magic of correct financial education and be aware of the faulty traps going around. “It has changed me in a way which is surreal. The kind of satisfaction we have in witnessing people’s level of awareness after understanding what they were missing all their lives is surreal,” she says.

In January 2020, Madhu was awarded the Indian Excellence Award in the field of Education, presented by Hon’ble Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Mr Nitin Gadkari for her efforts and contribution in educating individuals and companies about financial matters.

For her, the ecosystem of the financial space has been very supportive and giving. Even though it was initially tough to decide on what services to offer to people, the eventual results have been greatly received by the consumers. Not only does she believe in educating people through her work, but she also tries to inculcate her knowledge about this field in every conversation she has with someone who she meets personally. She also uses her social media handles to raise awareness, especially among the Millennials and is happy that her hardwork and perseverance have started to pay now.

With this spirit, she looks forward to becoming an orator of corrective measures to be taken in the personal finance world. And why not? Covering the gap between relevant knowledge and the uninformed shall remain her primary goals for life.