This Is How You Can Uplift Your Business Within A Day!

Meet Liz Giorgi- CEO & co-founder of Soona, a one-stop destination for growing businesses to acquire creative visual content to build their brand identity.

Liz is an expert in content, building businesses, and a 2x media founder with one exit- prior to diving into founder life, she was an Emmy-award winning production pro. Before she co-founded and became the CEO of Soona, she has successfully bootstrapped her way to many millions. From doing the much-hyped accelerator and VC-backed route to creating the Candor Clause to tamp down BS in a venture (and even testifying Congress about it)- she is now growing Soona with her creative soulmate and co-founder, Hayley Anderson. 

Talking about her initial days of growing up to become the boss woman that she is today, she says: “My childhood was special. I grew up in Northern Minnesota, working in my grandfather’s canoe outfitter business that he had for 25 years. I was lucky to see first-hand how a business can create community and bring positive change to people’s lives. My career initially started in media as a freelance editor, where I worked on a range of content, from ads to television. It was a wonderful career. I was fortunate to learn about many types of media and stories in a really short amount of time. The natural openness and curiosity of that industry gave me the bravery to start a business in 2013.”  With this, she joined forces with her life partner and co-founder, and together they created a billion-dollar startup.

According to Liz, Soona is the content revolution people have been waiting for long. She believes that product photos and videos should be affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone, no matter the size of their business or budget. With beautiful photos and videos at $39 and $93 each (which are delivered within 24 hours), she and Hayley make achieving those big business dreams a reality. So if you are starting a business and looking for investors, protect yourself by using Soona’s Candor Clause. It’s free and it keeps you and your company safe from predators.

Today, the response to Soona has been overwhelmingly positive. The duo gets emails, comments and tweets every day from their clients who are blown away by just how easy it is to create beautiful content for their businesses. These reactions are nothing but motivational attributes for her to continue down the path she is on and continue to work towards bringing high-quality content to the masses.

However, it wasn’t easy for Liz to reach where she is today, it took a lot of courage and efforts to reach where she had always dreamt of-

Working as a freelancer meant I had a lot of financial ups and downs. One of the things I highly recommend for anyone in their 20s is getting smart about your money. Set real goals and stick to them. Learn how to negotiate for what you deserve and actually put this skill into practice any time the opportunity arises. One must unapologetically dream big and be true to themselves. Things will work out the way they are meant to work out. For me, the single idea that changed my life was doing anything in life with another person makes the experience better. If it’s dinner or vacation or business, having a partner makes our experiences exponentially more meaningful,” she says.