This Is How One Of The Most Sought After Fashion Designers Continues To Be A Boon For All The Fashion Enthusiasts Out There!

Meet Jigna Shah, the Founder & CEO of REVE’- one of the top high-end designer clothing brands in Gujarat with retail flagship stores in Ahmedabad & Mumbai. 

The success journey of the fashion label REVE’ isn’t a mystery to most, that has exclusive flagship stores across Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Founded by Jigna Shah in 1992, it continues to be a trusted name when it comes to high-end celebrity designer brands. However, to reach where she is at present, Jigna not only made her way through the fashion industry with a lot of effort and hard work but also took the responsibility to make an industry like this thrive in Gujarat. From cleaning to managing sales on her own, she considered every day to be a new challenge and embraced it with open arms.

A fashion graduate from NIFT, she constantly works on innovations and improvisations in connecting old and rich textiles with contemporary styling. To date, she has won many accolades for her work including the prestigious Udgam Women Achievers’ Award 2014 in Business Category, the ICONIC WOMAN Award, and the Global Award as one of the “50 MOST INFLUENTIAL GLOBAL YOUTH LEADERS” by the World Federation.

As she talks about how she came up with her own venture, which took 5 to 6 years for just conceptualization, she says- “I had this Instinct of working in an evergreen field that never dies and makes me feel young at heart always!” Her modern outlook towards life aptly defines the way she looks at today’s independent women as her target audience. These multi-tasking women, who want to break barriers and live a fast-paced life with a confident and stylish personality, are those that appeal to her the most.

She believes that no Indian brand till now has a market for high-end Western wear, specially designed for the body and personality types for Indian women. Her core team consists of production and retail departments that take due care of her vision to make fashion stand out for the urban female and to provide good quality products to the society with adequate employment generation for the needy.

Her customer acquisition and marketing strategies focus on imparting knowledge by conducting styling and designing workshops and creating an environment for customers to shine in the world of social media. The gradual shift from ‘on the rack’ to an ‘online’ revenue model shows how her venture has seen the many ups and downs of technological advancements in the apparel industry and still remains a preference for most.

With so many accolades on board, her future plans are nothing more than a distant dream to many. She says- “Apart from opening retail outlets all across the globe, adopting Gujarat villages and contemporizing their art & marketing it, helping them generate money for better livelihood, I wish to provide an insight on my 20 years of experience in the fashion industry through workshops, give a platform to graduating students in terms of mentoring them in various projects and contribute to the deprived off sections of the society by generating funds through organizing fashion shows and such other events”.

She motivates the Gen-Z of today by asking them to face every hurdle in life with confidence and patience. For her, the biggest challenge was to manufacture exorbitant clothes that stand at par with international standards and she achieved it with sheer discipline and dedication, but this is exactly what gave her the chance to prove herself and stand ahead of the crowd- and this is what she urges to the youth of today to follow.