This Image Consultant Believes In The Concept Of Going Slow And Going Great!

Meet Mukta Bahrani – An Image Consultant, Soft Skills Trainer, Speaker, Stylist, and a Personal Development Coach who has trained and consulted more than 5000 people from diverse backgrounds in the last 4 years.

It’s not easy to leave a high-profile IT job and move ahead to start your own venture. But this is where Mukta took a leap of faith and started her own venture. Even though her initial days were slow-paced, she found them hopeful and full of new learnings. She says, “I was super confident of my training delivery but was not well-versed with various business aspects. Networking, market research, strategy, business proposals, making clients, getting business, marketing- these things were very intimidating for me and it took me a lot of time to understand every nuance related to them.” In the meantime, she gave her best in every training or consulting assignment she did and the motivating feedback she would receive gave her more strength and confidence to go through it all, one step at a time.

Starting her career as an IT engineer and working in renowned MNCs for quite a few years, Mukta felt that something just didn’t feel right, as if something was amiss. As a young woman, she had a great inclination towards creativity, intellect, teaching, writing, art, design, psychology and soft skills in particular. She always wanted to do something better for people, something that really made a difference to people’s lives. It was only after years that she decided to follow her instincts and take a different career path that led her to image consulting and soft skills training, which she found as a beautiful blend of many of her interests and talents. Furthermore, the fact that it wouldn’t limit her to any particular industry as these skills were essential and fundamental to all fields, she decided to give it a try. As she continued to work, she parallelly pursued a year-long course, and post the completion of her certification, she started with her training on a professional level. This not only benefited her greatly in her personal development but also opened a world of opportunities for her to fulfill her dream of helping people and organisations with their ambitions. With this, she launched ‘The Better Zone’, her own sweet endeavor to benefit more and more individuals and elevate their lives.

Her venture is a one stop solution for all the developmental aspects of a person and organisations which uses a model of total transformation using customised solutions with a professional and a favourable approach. The idea behind this initiative is that a person doesn’t have to go to 10 different people who work in different directions, at different times, and in different areas of life. She believes in aligning all the areas of one’s life, so that they’re well-coordinated, in sync with each other, and amplify a person’s focus, purpose, and success. “I incorporate distinct training methods and activities to accommodate different types of learners to achieve better understanding and quicker learning with engaging and improved efficiency. These have resulted in excellent implementation and great feedback over the years,” she expresses.

Mukta believes that ‘life skills’ are a priority for most because of a reason; these are crucial in every aspect of life. Even though people are very capable, hardworking, and have immense talent, the only problem that they sometimes face is the way they communicate, present and manage things. By understanding their nature, analysing the complexities of their life/organisation, designing plans and mentoring them- this woman of steel teaches them simplified ways to improve their soft skills and their image, to create powerful impressions and the ways to present, feel, think, perform and live better in every sphere of life. Today, she trains in companies, corporate setups, various organisations and also conducts personalised sessions for groups and individuals. It is solely her passion and dexterity, both to work with people towards continued betterment and achievement of success.

On being featured in the top 10 image consultants in an eminent business magazine and receiving the ‘Youth Leadership’ and ‘Proud Woman Award’ almost a year back, she says: “I am proud of making my family and my dear ones proud of me. When I see them beaming with pride, with that twinkle in their eyes and happiness on their faces, I attribute my perseverance, belief and determination for this sort of appreciation from them and it is the best feeling ever.”

Even though she has come this far, she still believes that every day is a new learning lesson for her that makes her even more accepting, motivated, action-oriented, persistent and determined towards life. For someone who had no clue about entrepreneurship and a world that resides beyond the corporate sector, it was difficult to cope up with the harsh realities of running a business but all Mukta knew was to never give up and believe in herself, with all her heart.