This Image Consultant And A LinkedIn Icon Makes Sure Her Clients Match Their External Representation With Their Inner Values

Meet Ranukka Singham, a data-driven image & branding consultant who has been running her own consultancy for the past 3 years.

“I have always been intrigued by how looking apart helps you in many ways, especially in your career,” says Ranukka, when asked about what she finds interesting about the field she is in. Having spent a good portion of her career as an internal trainer in the healthcare industry, it was difficult for her to train vendors and customers that were twice her age. Sometimes, her clients would be as old as her own parents! Even though she was the subject matter expert and was trained extensively to do what she does, she would often face suspicion and concerns from her participants, because of how “green” she looked.

This brought a change in her perceptions and she started observing successful industry leaders and noticed that their charisma and confidence stemmed from how they ‘presented’ themselves. Their first impression gave people the assurance of how well they could do their job. She believed that once she could crack that, the rest was history. And it indeed turned out to be.

At the height of her career as an internal trainer, she was one of the youngest senior training managers in South East Asia and won numerous awards, including the ‘Special Recognition Award 2016’ and the ‘Most Innovative Award 2017’. Throughout her corporate journey, she realised that it would be amazing if she could help individuals, as well as company employees, discover that there should be a congruence between their external representation and internal values which will bring them the success they wish to achieve.

Eventually, she took up a certification course and started image consultancy as her side hustle while having her full-time job as a senior manager. As fate would have it, this leap of faith turned out to be a life-changing decision and this year, Ranukka was selected to be one of the 100 most influential LinkedIn icons in Malaysia, which made her realise that people are starting to see the work that she has been doing.