This Environmentalist is Helping Save the Pollinators through Her Organic Skincare Products

Meet Kimberly L Otto, a Skin Care creator and the co-founder of the organic skincare company Moon Valley Organics.

An advocate for sustainable business practices, Kim Otto teaches future farmers about organic farming by hosting volunteers from the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. As the co-founder of the organic skincare company, Moon Valley Organics, she manages a 10-acre herb farm and apiary along with her husband and business partner, Aaron Otto. She also oversees the production facility where the company produces its body care line. Ms. Otto’s main job is to run all aspects of the day-to-day business. As a mother, wife, business owner, beekeeper, and herbalist, Kim utilizes her knowledge in all these fields to educate consumers to support the organic movement and help save pollinators. 

Kim says that growing up, her life was like a Jerry Springer episode. She elaborates, “I had a very different start to life than most people, but I am sure that I was loved.

Before starting Moon Valley Organics, Ms. Otto’s life was fulfilling and idealistic, but she was longing for a purpose.  Her husband, Aaron, was in a 9 to 5 job in the construction industry, while she was a stay-at-home mom, busy raising their daughters, Lyric and Ferrin. The couple visualized an organic skincare company that would be advantageous to everyone – the consumers, the environment, and their family – and Moon Valley Organics was born. Initially, they were an organic vegetable farm that would sell their produce at the local farmer’s market, but later, they started manufacturing organic body products and started selling them with the help of their network and connections. Eventually, the demand for these products grew, the couple bought a farm, and today, they manufacture medicinal and non-medicinal skincare products with the help of specialists. 

Kim’s “Moon Valley Organics” is an organic personal care products company that promotes a healthy way of caring for people’s bodies and the world. They use simple ingredients from their organic farm, pack their products in environmentally friendly containers, and keep them free of any artificial ingredients. They are committed to a self-sustaining and eco-friendly lifestyle and carry that belief into their business practices. They grow 100% USDA certified organic, sustainably farmed herbs using permaculture practices and their team consists of a strong local community of organizers, artists, parents, entrepreneurs, activists, engineers, doctors, herbalists, and farmers who are dedicated to living in and creating a more sustainable, wholesome world. Talking about the mission behind her company, Kim elaborates, “Moon Valley is a lifestyle. We want to inspire people to love nature and want to protect it. It is about simple, natural skincare without all the chemicals. We help people to take care of themselves and the Earth, naturally. Teaching younger generations about the importance of organic farming and sustainable living is necessary for the planet, and we do that with all our heart.

Ms. L. Otto is proud of what she and her husband have accomplished especially because they had started with little resources. They had to face many challenges in their journey – in the beginning, they did not have enough money and wanted to get bigger. But with time, they learned a lot about how to run a business and now have a purpose of saving pollinators and inspiring people to live a sustainable lifestyle. Despite everything, the challenges of running a business still haven’t been reduced. She explains, “Presently it’s about how to keep a good working culture when the world is falling apart around us.

Kim believes that their retail and wholesale customers are very loyal and appreciate the love and passion that goes into the brand. They are proud to support a unique brand like theirs. What Kim and her husband dreamt of a few years back is a reality now and they cannot be more grateful to the community. Inspiring others to take the leap and live their dream, Kim says, “You can spend all your time preparing to do something and never have the courage to actually do it because you are afraid to start. Just start!