This Entrepreneur Managed To Rise Up Against All Odds tO Build a Better Life for Her Kids

Meet Khadya Hale, Owner at Khadya Hale OBM, a company that provides service-based entrepreneurs full-service Online Business Management services.

From living in a homeless shelter with her kids to starting her own business, Khadya Hale’s journey over the years is enough to give you goosebumps. Her life has been full of hurdles, but she has managed to conquer them all. She had a difficult childhood where she was adopted at birth and lived in foster care for many years. She made a life-changing decision when she joined the military and faced backlash from her family for it. Even the birth of her first child was difficult. She and her child spent several months in the hospital with no family by their side. 

Things got worse as she was living in a homeless shelter with her kids. As a single parent with no support system, Khadya had to fend for her family herself. Her interest in structure and organization or calming the chaos, as she likes to call it, became her business model. She started a virtual assistant company, and with time, it picked up the pace. The biggest challenge was helping the clients virtually from the homeless shelter. She was trying to run a business whilst maintaining a professional setup. She wanted to hide the background of the shelter and struggled to strike a balance between taking care of the children and working. Soon enough, she got her kids out of the homeless shelter into a small apartment, and over time things got better. Khadya notes they are one of the reasons behind what she does today. “Had I not been homeless, the idea of starting my own business would not have crossed my mind”, she says. She had no choice but to make it work. She is trying to build a life for her family while supporting other women. 

Today, Hale is an online business manager at Khadya Hale OBM and is helping women in service-based industries to organize their operations through the automation process. She is helping reduce the time spent on everyday tasks. They focus on team management, client and customer support. She believes that women are powerful, and with a little support from fellow women, they can do wonders. She is trying her best to uplift them and wakes up every day with the same plan. She wants her daughters to see and learn to aid women and walk on her steps. Their missions are crucial to Khadya, and she wants to lend a helping hand that she never had when she was starting off in the industry. 

Khadya is more than happy to share her story if someone can learn from the choices she made and the journey she has had. She wants to reach homeless women in the community and help them in any possible way. This includes having a conversation with them, sharing her experience, tips or donating to make things easier for them. 

Currently, she is leading a team consisting of four employees residing all over the country. Khadya is grateful to her clients who stuck with her at all times and even between the calls with her kids running in the background. She is a courageous and inspiring woman who is working hard to give her kids a better life than what she has had. Leaving a message for the readers, she says, “Don’t doubt yourself. I’m always second-guessing, striving for perfection, and questioning myself even after success. Get out of your head and take that leap of faith. Whatever is holding you back, find your reason to push through it. Don’t let your circumstances be so extreme, your doubt be so extreme that you don’t’ strive for what you want. Have faith that you can make it happen. I have faith in you!”.