Bleu Lashell

Bleu Lashell, a resilient entrepreneur and CEO of Empowered Radiance, overcame personal challenges including Alopecia, divorce, and depression, emerging as a global inspiration. With a background in acting, modeling, and speaking engagements, Bleu empowers women through her community to healing, health, entrepreneurs and fashion.

Tell us about your life before the venture/ leading up to your venture?

Before venturing into my business, Empowered Radiance, I underwent a transformative journey. In 2013, I experienced a divorce that left me feeling profoundly depressed, lost, and confused. I struggled to navigate life’s challenges and found myself working two jobs in an attempt to regain stability, only to sink deeper into despair.

In 2016, I made the decision to relocate to another state and move in with my parents. However, even in this new environment, I found myself isolated, dwelling in a dark room, grappling with existential questions. I pondered where I had erred as a daughter, mother, and wife, overwhelmed by feelings of guilt.

It was during one of these solitary moments that I had a breakthrough. I penned a letter to my inner child, seeking forgiveness and understanding. I realized that to move forward, I needed to confront the root of my pain. By granting forgiveness to those who had hurt me and releasing myself from the burdens of shame and guilt, I began to heal.

I reassured my inner child that she was safe, no longer needing to hide from the world. This act of self-compassion marked the beginning of my journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. I embarked on a path of self-care, incorporating regular exercise into my routine to alleviate my depression.

With each passing day, I cultivated a newfound sense of confidence and self-acceptance. I embraced my identity as a woman, unapologetically owning every aspect of myself, including my struggle with alopecia. In a bold move, I shed my wig and shaved my head, symbolizing my liberation from societal expectations and embracing my authentic self.

This profound transformation instilled in me the courage to share my story with others. Through Empowered Radiance, I aim to inspire and support women on their journey towards self-love and empowerment, drawing from my own experiences of resilience and growth.

Tell us something about your organization. What is it about and how is it helpful for people?

At Empowered Radiance, we’re dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where women can heal, grow, and thrive. Whether it’s overcoming traumas, embracing their inner strength, conquering self-doubt, or navigating health and business obstacles, we’re here to support every step of the journey.

Our services are designed to equip women with the tools and resources they need to embrace their true selves and radiate confidence. From personalized one-on-one coaching to empowering workshops on health and wellness, financial literacy, alopecia support, and networking events, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community.

What has been the response of the consumers towards your venture? 

Here’s a testimony:

“Meeting Bleu was certainly my greatest gift, having the opportunity to meet her in the physical realm. Her love light, evident through her writing alone, is warm and comforting. Being able to share an encounter with her made my heart smile. She carries such beautiful energy. Having more people like her on Earth would undoubtedly make our world an even better place. Love, Natasha”

How has your life changed because of your venture?

My life has changed for the better. I’m aware and conscious.  I love sharing my story with the world. I have a drive to help others who may be suffering. My greatest accomplishment is seeing the transformation and growth in the women I assist with the resources I provide.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on rebranding my business.

Give a motivational message for the audience/women who are reading this.

To all the incredible women reading this,

Remember that you are stronger than you realize, braver than you believe, and more capable than you can imagine. Each of us carries within us the power to overcome obstacles and rise above adversity.

Your journey may be challenging, filled with twists and turns, but every step you take forward is a testament to your resilience and courage. Embrace your journey, for it is shaping you into the remarkable individual you are destined to become.

Never underestimate the impact of your story. Your experiences, struggles, and triumphs have the power to inspire others and spark positive change in the world.

Believe in yourself and your ability to create the life you envision. You are worthy of love, success, and happiness. Keep pushing forward, trusting in your strength and embracing the beauty of your journey.

Together, let us uplift and empower one another, knowing that through unity and support, we can conquer any challenge and achieve our dreams.

You are capable. You are worthy. You are enough.

Keep shining bright, beautiful souls.

With love and solidarity,


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