Kate Griffiths

Kate Griffiths is a Coach, Author & Speaker.

She tells us that, “Life is about flow.  When you work for yourself it’s about learning that you don’t work 24/7 rather I work in intense bursts and arrange work around my life as a mother and wife who has other interests and a dog.”

When faced with unexpected hurdles in your business, how do you stay strong?

I stay strong through my understanding that I only see a part of reality and my trust that there is an infinite intelligence that is informing and shaping the reality that we experience.

How do you determine the success of your business beyond financial metrics, focusing on factors like customer satisfaction and community impact?

Success is very much a 3D concept. For me it has been about letting go of those type of expectations and living my life with joy and in that way allowing the miracles to unfold such as community impact.

Can you recount a pivotal moment in your business journey where you saw remarkable growth or witnessed a transformative change, showcasing the impact of your products or services?

Last Friday was a case in point.  I organised a charity dinner to raise money for my Foundation (https://www.foundationofcolours.com).  We had 44 having dinner, 2 takeaways and a number of people who could not attend but donated anyway.  We played one game on the night which boosted the amount we raised.  Ultimately the total amount raised was around £1,400 and people came together and had a lot of fun and enjoyed good food. It was a lot of work and it was worth it because of the impact it had.

I live via the words of our manifesto, below I share a snippet of that:

We envisage a world where every individual gets to use their innate talents and lives purposefully whilst contributing fully to society. We exist to evolve consciousness through the awareness of colour and its impact on people’s health and well-being through the way they think, behave and act. The intention behind all our actions is to create the tipping point to living in a conscious heart centred society.

At this present time humanity as a whole has largely disconnected itself from nature. This issue lies at the very heart of our environmental upheaval as well as our social, political and economic unrest. Understanding our connection to the whole is essential for transcending our current crisis. Our dilemma is not a political, social or economic one but a crisis of consciousness. Rather than viewing ourselves as a holistic, interconnected and interdependent species, we have come to understand ourselves as separate units competing for scarce resources in a hostile mechanistic world. Our modern, urban and highly technological lifestyles characterized by psychological distraction and addiction have acerbated the mental health epidemic we are now experiencing. We exist to feel as well as to think, to be as well as to do. Twenty-twenty was the year the world woke up to the great realization; the need to take responsible action as well as recognize what’s truly important. It’s now time to come home to ourselves for the good of the whole. Colour or light speaks the language of the soul and brings balance, unity and understanding so we can live in harmony with others and our surroundings.

In your view, how crucial is mentorship for the success of small businesses, and how have mentors influenced your own entrepreneurial path?

Having a mentor I think is vital to the success of small businesses because then when you have a wobble you have someone who can support you because they have so much experience to offer.

What is your business focused on, and how does it contribute to making a positive difference in the world?

As a coach my main modality to get results is colour because it makes the unconscious conscious so clients understand what is keeping them stuck.

Working with colour allows clients to experience an energetic shift so that they feel lighter and more resourced to tackle the obstacles that they face. It improves clients’ mental health and sense of wellbeing.

What special ability do you wish you had to make your job easier?

Sometimes I would like a crystal ball so that I can see all the possible ways the future could unfold.  I already receive intuitive nudges and am aware that linear time does not exist.  I would like to be able to see the multiverse and all the options and lives that I could be living at the same time.

If you could invite three fictional characters to help you plan your next project, who would you choose, and why?

The image I gave you above is of me doing a speech about the value of colour and it is a colourful outfit so bringing more light to the world and radiates passion.

Merlin because he is a great magician and is also known as Merlina/Merline so can be both masculine and feminine, incorporating both aspects as we do.  I look to him to provide wisdom so we can discern the best course of action in any venture we are undertaking.

Ashtar because that is the Melchizedek of the future that lives by a code of unconditional love bringing harmony and truth.

Quan Yin because she embodies compassion and that is so needed right now.