Christina Noble

Christina Noble is the CEO & Founder ACC, CFP®,CSSGB, RYT®. The symbol for Your Inside Counsel Executive Coaching would be the Tree of Life.  This embodies the essence of my Purpose,  empowering others to reach their aspirations with the empowering light of faith and encouragement. As a mascot, the Tree of Life also reflects the nurturing aspect of coaching, supporting individuals in their personal and professional development while fostering a connection to their higher purpose.

What strategies do you employ to maintain a healthy work-life balance while running your own business?

I’ve always found meaningful exercise grounding and energizing.  Right now I’ve picked up jogging using a running coach via spotify and I continue to teach yoga 3-4 times a week.  Both of these practices build my resiliency and connection to myself.  

Additionally creating new travel experiences to include friends and family adds a spice to life and provides opportunity to explore and create new memories with the people closest to me.

When faced with unexpected detours on your business path, how do you pivot with grace and resilience, showing fellow women entrepreneurs the way forward?

That happened recently as a matter of fact! At that moment I thought “What in the world is going on?”; After multiple attempts to figure it out, I came to a space of acceptance and let all the energy around the situation go.  It was an intentional pivot to own my agency and take my power back.  We all have the power of choice – I choose to honor my values and be authentic!  And yes, I got some coaching from two amazing coaches 🙂

How do you measure the success of your business beyond financial metrics, such as customer satisfaction or community engagement?

Success for Your Inside Counsel equates to seeing individuals who courageously embark on a self-awareness journey to see their desired outcomes as the conclusion of the partnership.

Can you share a memorable moment where you witnessed significant growth or transformation in your business, illustrating the impact of your services/products?

Oh yes – I had been working with a client for several months to prepare for a new career and new role.  There was an awakening of sorts that occurred with my client after having worked through defining values and what was important in the client’s life in the present.  From that place the individual began to design the ideal future state career.  It was not only from a financial and title perspective, but equally importantly,  how can these critical values be honored in the role, and supported by an organizational ethos that was in alignment.  It was incredible to see the change in perspective and eventually to see the individual land the role !

What role do you believe mentorship plays in the success of small businesses, and how have mentors influenced your own entrepreneurial journey?

Mentors and Allies are mission critical.  These gifted individuals provide a safe and curious space to explore innovation in the business and challenge belief systems around what is possible,  Its also fun to laugh, share stories and just be heard with an intentional presence.  My mentors have shown me how to power through, remain thoughtful, crush the numbers and provided perspective. 

What’s your work all about, and how does it make a difference in the world?

My work is about shining light on the inner self to empower individuals to achieve their life’s goals.  The difference it makes is that humans who feel deeply and are in connection with their strengths, values and purpose live life powerfully!

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