Kate Waterfall Hill

Kate Waterfall Hill is a Leadership Coach.

She tells us that, “My working cocker spaniel, Pepper – energetic, loving, non-judgmental, always hungry, supportive, sometimes challenging, loyal, ready to listen.”

What strategies do you employ to maintain a healthy work-life balance while running your own business?

Walking Pepper! Being outside in nature, whatever the weather, is the best form of relaxation and de-stressing I know.

When faced with unexpected detours on your business path, how do you pivot with grace and resilience, showing fellow women entrepreneurs the way forward?

I lean on the saying “Fail fast/Learn fast” all the time. I believe if you don’t make some mistakes along the way, then you’re not trying hard enough! I show up every day, sometimes a bit messy, but always present. I strongly believe that imperfect action is better than perfect inaction – every time.

How do you measure the success of your business beyond financial metrics, such as customer satisfaction or community engagement?

I measure returning customers as a percentage of the whole – those who I helped secure a promotion one year, come back to me the next to help them in the new role to take the next step. Referrals and positive testimonials are great too. Engagement and feedback on my content also helps me see that I’m going in the right direction.

Can you share a memorable moment where you witnessed significant growth or transformation in your business, illustrating the impact of your services/products?

Going from just doing one-to-one coaching to delivering a group coaching programme which sold out month after month was probably the big pivot for me – from hitting a ceiling of how many people I could serve at any one time to being able to scale at speed and help more people in their journey to becoming a better leader was amazing.

What role do you believe mentorship plays in the success of small businesses, and how have mentors influenced your own entrepreneurial journey?

My first boss has been an unbelievably powerful mentor to me (and continues to be some 30+ years later!). Knowing that I had his support and wisdom on tap has given me the confidence to try new ventures, learn new skills, make mistakes and keep going throughout my career.

What’s your work all about, and how does it make a difference in the world?

I help CEOs, founders and leaders of all sorts become confident, purposeful leaders who can inspire, motivate and coach their team members to excel, whilst also managing underperformance and managing themselves well. This helps them achieve organisational, team and personal objectives – but more importantly to enjoy their roles and pass on this enjoyment to their team members. My goal is to help good people become better leaders and make the world a happier place inside and outside work!

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