How The Search For A Life Partner Gave This Woman Entrepreneur An Idea To Start Her Own Dating Community!

Meet Simran Mangharam, the founder of Floh, a dating community for single and like-minded professionals looking for a meaningful relationship.

A certified Dating Coach and the first and only woman founder of a dating start-up in India, Simran in her capacity as a professional has helped thousands of singles find their life-partners following her practical and contemporary outlook. Before starting Floh, she’s also been the co-founder of an executive search firm and has been an MBTI Certified Counsellor. Moreover, she also went on to become the tour manager for Late Pandit Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar because of her experience and expertise.

Published in several reputed publications including Times Of India, Hindustan Times, New Indian Express, Economic Times, NPR, etc., she started her career with Times Television as a Producer. However, her personal life wasn’t as lucrative as her shining career. “When I was approaching 30, I faced a lot of pressure from my family and friends to find a partner and ‘settle down’. By the age of 37, I was still single and had been on over 1,000 dates. I had my profile on every matrimonial site. However, the experience was soul-sapping and I didn’t click with anyone on these sites and apps,” she recalls in an interview given to YourStory.

She believes that due to the rapid socio-economic changes in the world, it is getting increasingly tough for people to get into meaningful romantic relationships and then to make these relationships last. As a Dating Coach, her endeavour is to get people into loving and long-lasting relationships as she feels the need for companionship and love is a basic humane requirement. However, with the rise of commercialisation, she believes that there is hardly anybody who is trying to solve this problem genuinely. Most services prey on the vulnerability of people to make more and more and money. The “how to get into a relationship and make it last” issue remains, despite the access to people on dating apps and matrimonial sites.

With this epiphany, she founded Floh with her husband Siddharth, a platform that helps members connect online and offline and claims to be the only ‘phygital’ dating service in the world (a blended customer experience where digital applications relate to the physical world and actual space of the customer journey). It allows people to find and match with members, exchange messages, and join communities such as dance, history, music, literature, and fitness. Additionally, it also hosts events for members every week, where they can meet and bond with each other in real life via fun group activities. What people should know about this initiative and the Dating Coach programme is that it is geared to get them into the relationship they deserve to be in. It has not only changed Simran in a way that she now sees purity and goodness in people but has also reinforced her faith in humanity.

Like any other business, the initial days were tough but exhilarating for her. To bring together a notion to find a life partner is not an easy feat and the early struggles even made her working time of 24 hours seem too less. “The biggest challenge was operations – conducting events and sessions in real-life on the scale across geographies. However, we solved this problem with a robust technology platform and ops processes in place, she tells us.

Today, getting invited to the weddings of her clients and then going for the birthday parties of their children fills her heart with gratitude and pride. This, she feels, is her way of giving back to society and her efforts for its welfare. She also thanks Fuzia for being a platform that showcases women from all walks of life around the globe without any bias and for creating a safe space for expressing themselves.

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