Her Stellar Business Aptitude Is Making Lives Easy For Her Clients!

Meet Alexandra Bunkers- Director of Operations & Product Strategy at Tekmetric, an auto-repair shop management software.

After beginning her career as a CPA and SOX Consultant, Alexandra has worked across industries to help clients meet IT security and financial regulatory requirements. Post that, she took a leap of faith and made a jump to strategy consulting where she concentrated on helping clients solve challenging problems around their digital experience strategies and capabilities. Till date, she has worked across the US, France, UK and South Africa.

For the past 2 years, she has been operating as Tekmetric‘s Director of Operations & Product Strategy to transform vision into reality with innovation and strategy implementation. From defining bespoke experiences to the intricate back-end system integrations and processes that support the strategy- she specializes in turning the complex into executable. Her experiences in IT compliance and consulting worlds have influenced her approach to Customer and Employee Experiences. Moreover, she uses technology-driven and automation methodologies to deliver authentic experiences, increase efficiency and business value. 

Tekmetric is a cloud-based SaaS company in the automotive industry- an ERP of sorts or Point-of-Sale for independent auto shops. “Traditionally, the tools in this space are very outdated, so our product is revolutionary…Think of going from a flip phone to an iPhone! On a deeper level though, Tekmetric helps business owners grow their business and be more successful. Tekmetric software is the vehicle for us to achieve the true end goal, our ‘why’, which is to help these shops become better!” she says.

She adds, “Our Team and culture have grown a strong network of customers and promoters. We are barely over 2 years old and have taken the industry by storm and are by far the fastest-growing company in our space. A lot of the success we see would not be possible without the support and help to spread the word from our users!

But, was life always this simple? 

Early on in her career,  Alexandra struggled with the realization that what she had done after spending years going to school and completing the CPA exam might not be exactly what she actually enjoyed doing. As a result, she learnt a lot during her time in that career path, which was foundational to where she is right now; however, she thinks this is something a lot of people go through- this internal debate of balancing all this time and investment spent going down a certain path vs. taking a leap of faith into something you are more passionate about- the sooner this happens, ‘the better’, according to her. 

Before she started working for Tekmetric, Alexandra travelled for weeks at a time to clients’ sites around the world in her consulting role. She felt that through the wide array of projects that was involved in, she was learning a lot, but not seeing the full end-to-end business model and how it all fitted together. She wanted to cultivate a deeper understanding of how all parts of business work in totality, for which she eventually left consulting and joined Tekmetric, a SaaS company her friend in Houston started in the automotive space. Here, she took everything she had learned about business and the customer experience over the last few years and put her own consulting opinions to the test. 

If you’ve ever read Atomic Habits by James Clear, then you’ll understand that 1% better each day has even large compounding effects. Like my husband always says, ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’ Over time, taking small steps in the right direction can lead you to success and reach goals that seemed far off. If you do the same thing you did yesterday today, but just 1% better, then over time, that compounds. I pursue growth and try to be better in all areas of my life and surround myself with people who are striving for that as well,” she says. “You can do anything, you can’t do everything at once. Have focus and a realistic roadmap of steps you can take to reach your goals!”

For her, life is all about the right balance- she tries to bring a lot of energy into what she does and still find time to travel, read lots of books, drink wine, explore new parks with her dog and hangout with her friends over the weekends. At present, she and her husband are expecting their first child in August’21, which makes her realize that her next challenge will center around work-life balance and how can she continue getting fulfillment through spending time at a job she loves while also learning the ins and outs of being a mother.