Jaclyn Strominger

Jaclyn Strominger is a High Achievement Coach. She helps her clients go to the next level. She lives in Reno with my 2 teens, husband and dog. She loves the outdoors. She tells us that, “If I am not working, you will find me hiking, skiing or cycling. Or you may find me in the backyard, making wine!”

Before you became the business titan you are today, enlighten us about the thrilling adventures of your pre-business life.

I spent 20 years in consumer marketing and sales in the publishing industry.  I have been on the launch team for new magazines.  I have been part of 3 business launches and started 3 of my own before becoming a High Achievement Coach.

Could you elaborate on the nature of your initiative/ business/current role, highlighting its purpose and the ways it benefits people?

I am a high achievement coach. In my business, I help my clients rise up, uncover and release blocks to reach their goals and live each day to the fullest.  In the corporate world, I help managers and directors become amazing leaders; creating thriving teams and cultures that are enviable. 

What has been the response of the users/consumers towards your venture?

I have great client testimonials and have made an impact on so many people.  I am a Energy Leadership Master Practitioner &  Certified Coach

Having a strong support system is essential for your well-being. We would love to know who your biggest supporter is. Share with us and let’s celebrate the amazing people in our lives who make a positive impact.

My support team.. my husband, my children and my parents.  This circle is my rock.

As a young woman entrepreneur, what changes do you hope to see in the world and what opportunities are you seeking?

I hope in the world we can see more integrity and heart in the workplace.  I am seeking to connect with companies who want to create a great corporate culture and entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact in the world.

Women now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men in the workplace, breaking through glass ceilings to reach the top. What are your thoughts on women’s leadership today?

Women are and make great leaders.  As women, we need to learn to be strong, not say “sorry” and know we can rise up and be on top. We need to work together to build each other up and not knock other women down. 

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